Rescuers Are Shocked to Find 14 Tubs Left Outside Animal Shelter

When staff members arrived early one February at the Cat House on the Kings (a no-kill cat rescue and sanctuary in Parlier, California) they found 14 plastic tubs scattered around outside the sanctuary.


They were surprised and quite horrified by what they saw because all of the tubs contained cats. They quickly carried the tubs inside and began to assess this strange situation. “The plastic tubs all matched and had carefully-drilled air holes in them and were zip-tied closed to keep the kitties inside. Every tub had a fleece blanket,” explained Harvie Schreiber, a worker at the Cat House on the Kings.


They found a mama cat with 2 kittens, plus 13 others, all aged between 5 months and 3 years. Apart from the new kittens, there was 11 females and 3 males.


The cats were not dirty, ill, or skinny, it was obvious that they had been well taken care of. The Cat House was already caring for around 800 cats plus kittens, all of these are rescue cats, and all have been spayed or neutered. They have a policy never to turn down any animals that come their way because they believe they all deserve a second chance at life. With the additional 16 new arrivals, they have their work cut out for them.


This gorgeous tortie mama and her two kittens are now in safe hands.


After a busy day examining all of the new arrivals, the cats were now settled into comfortable rooms where they could finally relax and be showered by love. Although a bit shocked by everything that has happened to them, they will soon come out of their shells and now they are in safe hands their futures look bright.


Many of the cats are polydactyls, which means they have extra toes like this little fella below.


All staff members and volunteers at the Cat House on the Kings do a wonderful job and will not let any of these beautiful furry creatures be left behind.

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