Stowaway Kitten Gets First-Class Treatment on Offshore Oil Rig

Posted in Cat Stories - Last Updated: November 2, 2021 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: November 2, 2021  
Author:  Jan Travell

Meet Maui the stowaway!

This tiny calico kitten somehow managed to find her way onto an offshore oil rig.

maui 1

No one is actually sure how she got there but it’s believed that this 3 month old kitten was probably looking for food and climbed into a shipping container while it was being loaded.

She wasn’t spotted until they reached the Maui B Platform, which is about 50km off the coast of New Zealand.

maui 2

As soon as workers discovered their little guest they gave her first class treatment with sardines and fresh water.

She was a bit startled at first, but was soon comforted by all the love and cuddles from the guys aboard.

maui 3

They managed to lure her into a cage borrowed from a local vet with a rasher of bacon, then loaded her onto a specially-requested helicopter and she was taken to St Aubyn Veterinary Clinic.

maui 4

“Once Maui had arrived off her special helicopter ride, she was checked over by our Veterinarian, Gemma,” explained the clinic.

“She was very shy but passed the vets health check with flying colors. With her exploring the rig she got a little dirty so we gave her a bath, towel dry and to make it all better she was given dinner and a cuddly bed.”

maui 5

One of the workers from the rig that looked after Maui during her ordeal has convinced his wife that she should live with them, so now all’s well that ends well and Maui has a new family.

maui 6

“Little Maui is doing fantastic, just yesterday went to her new forever home. All of the staff are missing her already,” St Aubyn Veterinary Clinic told Love Meow.

maui 7

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