Woman Finds Missing Cat After Searching For Two Years

Posted in Cat Stories - On: November 25, 2022 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: November 25, 2022  
Author:  Jan Travell

Imagine discovering that your precious kitty, who has been your best friend for 12 years, had gone missing.

Well that is exactly what happened to Iris Samaniego.

Diego the cat is a flame-point Siamese and had shared his life with Iris for 12 loving years until one day he found the garage door open and decided to sneak out.

It took almost two years of searching for her beloved cat before she was finally reunited with her best friend of 12 years.

diego 1

Iris said that she had never given up hope and unlike every one else, was convinced that he was still alive.

“I posted signs everywhere for over a year,” Iris explained. “I was at work and in between patients, I’m a vet tech, something told me to look on animal friends of the valley website which is odd for me.”

While searching on the site a very familiar face popped up, “I saw his picture and left work as fast I could.”

diego 2

As soon as Iris and her sister Crystal arrived at the shelter and saw the cat, they instantly knew it was Diego.

“The moment I saw him I felt indescribable joy, I felt peace and overwhelmed because I knew he wasn’t dead. My intuition always told me he was alive.”

Even after friends and family had counselled her to let go, she had faith and continued her search for Diego.

diego 3

Here is the two inseparable friends before Diego went missing.

diego 4

“Never give up on finding your animals. This is the best Christmas present she could have received,” Crystal said.

Diego is definitely grateful to be back in his loving home. “He was stressed at the shelter but once we got him he is totally back to his old self.”

After almost two long years Iris finally found her 13 year old cat! “I can’t tell you how much joy this has brought our family,” Iris said.

diego 5

Since the day Diego went missing, she had never given up on him and her determination was rewarded was a teary but very happy family reunion.

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