Amazon Basics Cat Condo with Hammock Bed Review

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Last Updated: June 3, 2021  
Author:  Mayurii Rajvanshi

If you’re looking for a behind-the-scenes Amazon Basics Cat Condo review, you’re in the right place. We've researched literally hundreds of cat condos over the years and have assessed the way our cats react to each of them. From that data, we know that this Amazon Basics Cat Condo is a very solid pick that your cat is going to love.

A scratching post and cat condo are some of the most valuable products you can buy for your kitty. Not only do these products give your feline friend a place to maintain their claws, and stretch their limbs, but they’re great for offering some private space too. After all, your cat will occasionally appreciate some extra time to themselves. 

Many pet owners spend a small fortune on fancy cat trees, hammock beds, and sleeping spaces for their kitties. But what if you could get everything you need for feline comfort in one package?

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo with hammock bed and scratching post is an all-in-one solution for pet parents on a budget. Here’s what you need to know.

Amazon Basics Cat Condo with Hammock

Our choice is the Amazon Basics Cat Condo with Hammock, the best Cat Condo you can buy for your cat!

Amazon Basics Cat Tower with Hammock and Scratching Posts for Indoor Cats, 15.8 x 15.8 x 19.7 Inches, Gray

What is a Cat Condo?

Cat Condos are basically relaxation stations for your cat.

These products often come with boxes, scratching posts, and other components plus some kind of hammock style bed area where your cat can play, unwind, sleep, or hide. The more features the condo has, the more expensive it often becomes. 

Cat condos come in a range of shapes and sizes, starting with small products under 30 inches tall, and expanding all the way to huge products that reach all the way up to the ceiling. 

Some cat condos are designed specifically for multiple cats, with various boxes, hiding areas, and sleeping spots placed at different levels. Other products might be created intentionally for a more active cat, with multiple climbing areas and jumping stations.

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo with hammock bed is a relatively simple cat condo. It’s small to mid-sized in height, with a hammock where your kitty can relax, and two scratching posts for priming those claws. You’ll also get a toy built-in to attract feline attention.

What to Look For When Picking a Cat Condo

When it comes to choosing the perfect cat condo, it’s important to keep your cat and their preferences in mind. All cats are different. Some like very tall scratching posts that allow them to put their jumping skills to the test. Others prefer simpler products. Points to consider include:

  • Size: Your cat condo needs to be large enough to handle your feline friend. A small or mid-sized scratching post like the  Amazon Basics Cat Condo will be best suited to a single cat. If you have multiple cats, you may need something larger.
  • Materials: A great cat condo will have soft components on the hammock section, and on the base of the product. However, the scratching post elements will need to feature natural fibers ideal for sharpening claws, like jute or sisal.
  • Design: The design of your cat condo includes the number of platforms or levels included, and how it looks. This Amazon Basics Cat Condo only has a single level, but it’s great for aesthetic appeal, with a design that naturally fits into any environment.
  • Toys: Many cat condos and scratching posts come with toys attached to help attract kitty attention. You can even find products that have their own cat nip sachets included. Extra toys and features like this should make it more likely that your cat will want to use their new scratching post or condo.
  • Mounting: Some cat condos, like the Amazon Basics Cat Condo, are suitable to be placed directly on the floor. However, you can find taller products that you might mount to the wall or attach to the ceiling. There are even hanging condos available depending on how much space you have in your home.

Cat Condo FAQs

Not sure where to start with your search for the perfect cat condo? This section should answer some of your questions.

Q: Do all cat condos need a scratching post?

You can get cat condos without the scratching post component. However, it’s often best to combine the two. If your kitty is going to be climbing this product regularly, there’s a good chance they’ll want to do that full body stretch and scratch it as well. If you do have a condo without an included scratching post, you’ll need to get a post or tree separately. Remember, all cats need to scratch.

Q: How big should my cat condo be?

If you have a single cat, then the Amazon Basics cat condo should be more than enough to keep them happy. Larger cats, or multi-cat households may need additional scratching posts. You could consider buying more than one of these products and placing them in various locations around your home.

Q: How high does the cat condo need to be?

A cat condo doesn’t necessarily have to be extremely high to attract a cat’s attention. Although many kitties do like heights, some also like the option to be closer to the floor. If you have an older cat, or one with some health issues, then a lower cat condo will be better suited to their needs. It also helps to have a lower condo if you’re buying for a kitten.

Q: How do I convince my cat to use the cat condo?

Cats may be a little uncertain about a new addition to the household at first. Fortunately, you can convince your cat to use these products by rubbing cat nip on the condo, or just giving them some time. The Amazon Basics cat condo reviewed here also comes with a hanging ball which will grab your cat’s attention and encourage them to play.

Q: What materials are best for a cat condo?

Ideally, you’ll want a product that’s nice to look at, but sturdy and durable too. Jute fiber posts are great for sharpening and protecting cat’s claws naturally. You can also look for sisal posts. The inside of the cat condo needs to be sturdy enough to stay still when your kitty Is climbing up or down it. Additionally, it pays to have a soft area where your kitty can relax and snooze too.


The Amazon Basics Cat Condo: An Overview

At first glance, the Amazon Basics Cat Condo with hammock and scratching posts might not seem like the most exciting product. However, with tens of thousands of positive reviews, it’s quickly become one of the go-to products for kitty families. 

The Amazon Basics cat condo is special because it combines a sleeping area, climbing spot, and scratching post into one product, ideal for people who don’t have much of a budget to spend on multiple products. The interactive playhouse gives your kitty just enough height for them to feel more comfortably elevated, without taking up too much space in your home. 

Unlike many cheaper cat trees and condos, the Amazon Basics Cat Condo is also beautifully designed to fit with your décor. Available in Gray or cream, it’s easy to find something that matches your preferences.

Amazon Basics Cat Condo Features include:

  • Elevated cat hammock with dual scratching posts
  • Comfortable plush coating
  • Ball toy to attract scratching
  • Natural jute fiber posts to keep claws healthy
  • Neutral color tones to fit with current décor
  • Long-lasting, durable design

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo: Design

One of the first things that makes the Amazon Basics Cat Condo so appealing is its attractive design. This is a simple condo and scratching post combination, with a space-saving structure. The two scratching posts are excellent for multiple cats, while the hammock in the center provides a great resting place for your kitty. 

Available in two shades, this is a minimalist cat condo that should fit well into most homes. The unique design also helps to save space, so your condo doesn’t have to take up too much space in any room. You’ll be able to easily tuck this product away in a corner somewhere. 

The extra-soft plush covering on the hammock and the base of the product will help to attract kitties when they want a place to unwind and lounge through the day. Alternatively, the jute covering on the scratching posts are perfect for naturally encouraging your kitty to scratch. The more your feline friend scratches their posts, the less likely they are to attack your furniture.

Each Amazon Basics Cat Condo comes with a toy attached to an elastic string, so you can attract your kitty to the posts. The toy can be replaced if your cat breaks it (which is a huge bonus).

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo: Performance

If you’re looking for something small and durable to delight your feline friend, the Amazon Basics Cat Condo is a great choice. This product might not be the tallest cat tree around, but it offers everything a cat needs for relaxation and claw management. The two scratching posts mean that if you only have one cat, you probably won’t have to replace your condo very often. 

Underneath the attractive overall design, the Amazon Basics Cat Condo offers a very appealing play and relaxation space for your cat. The base is solid enough to reduce the risk of the tower toppling over if your cat runs at it full speed. However, you may find that this product is more likely to go over if you have a larger, more powerful cat. 

A combination of sturdy chipboard and solid internal components mean that your Amazon Basics Cat Condo should stay well-constructed and standing tall for a decent amount of time. Even the hammock bed is beautifully well-made, with thick, plush material that can stand the test of time. We only wish that the fabric was removable, so you could wash it from time to time. 

Perhaps the most impressive part of this scratching post and condo is how popular it is among cats. There’s something about the combination of the two jute scratching posts, the hanging ball, and the hammock that seems to really appeal to felines. Thousands of customers have commented on how much their kitties love the design. 

The ball is great for attracting cats to the scratching post when you need to direct them away from your furniture.

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Additionally, the soft hammock is just large enough to give your kitty a comfortable place to relax and unwind when they want some extra warmth of comfort.

Several of the team here have purchased this exact model after testing it and we vouch for how well it lasts and how all our cats have immediately loved it.

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo: Price

Aside from the attractive design and reliable performance, perhaps the other top factor drawing customers to the Amazon Basics cat condo, is the price. This is an extremely affordable product when you consider the value you get. In exchange for a minimal price tag, your kitty will get a plush hammock sleeping experience, and a set of two fantastic scratching posts. 

Although you’re not getting a huge product in exchange for your money, the value really does even out here. Despite a low cost, the Amazon Basics Cat Condo is also strong enough to stand the test of time. This product won’t break down after a couple of days or weeks of use. However, you might find that you do need to replace it a little more often than a large or extra-large cat tree if you have multiple feline friends. 

Perhaps the biggest factor that draws attention to the low price of the Amazon Basics Cat Condo, is the smell. Many of the reviews we read comment that the smell of the condo when taking it out of the box is hard to handle. However, we found that although you do get quite a strong factory scent, you can air this out pretty quickly. 

We’d recommend putting your cat condo somewhere where it can simply sit for a couple of days to dissipate the smell before introducing it to your cat. You can also spray the jute scratching posts with catnip if you want to make the smell more appealing to your feline friend.


The Amazon Basics Cat Condo: Reviews

We were drawn to this cat condo and tree after reading some of the amazing reviews earned online. Despite being quite a basic cat condo, the Amazon product has more than 26,000 reviews, and an average rating of around 4.7 out of 5. It’s hard to argue with that much positivity. 

When we backed that up with our own testing we understood why so many people picked it and loved its good value.

Perhaps the most appealing part of the cat condo to most pet parents is how much it attracts picky cats. There are countless reviews on Amazon about how their cats, after refusing to play with other expensive alternatives, instantly fell in love with the hammock tower. As we said, we were intrigued enough by this to give the cat tree a try with our own picky feline resident. 

Although it took him a few hours to warm up to the Amazon Basics Cat Condo, perhaps due to the residual Jute smell, he quickly fell in love with the product. After a couple of days, he seems to be sleeping in the hammock non-stop. This could easily be his favorite new product (on par with meaty food). 

Another bonus we noticed when testing this cat tree is how well it holds up to somewhat more aggressive kitties. Our test cat (the picky one), Roscoe, is a Savannah with a lot of strength in his legs, but he still didn’t knock the cat tree over when jumping on it. If you have a cat that’s a little heavier, or one that tends to approach their cat condos like a tornado, then this could be the perfect tree for you.

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo: Our Final Verdict

It doesn’t take long to identify why the Amazon Basics Cat Condo is such a compelling option for pet owners from all backgrounds. Though simple and compact, this attractive cat condo and scratching tree is an all-in-one product for kitty cat care. You get two high-performance scratching posts for the price, which are durable enough to withstand regular use over several months. 

The Amazon Basics Cat Condo is also strong enough internally to handle running leaps from cats with a bit more heft to them, so you don’t have to worry as much about accidental injuries when you’re not at home. On top of that, the extra soft hammock area seems to offer the perfect relaxation spot for cats that love lounging around in their own dedicated space.

If you’re looking for a cat condo that your kitty can relax with, as well as something that can potentially reduce the risk of claw damage to your furniture, the Amazon Basics Cat Condo is a great choice. The tiny price tag also means that you can easily buy multiple condos, or replace the same product time and time again whenever you need to.

Amazon Basics Cat Tower with Hammock and Scratching Posts for Indoor Cats, 15.8 x 15.8 x 19.7 Inches, Gray


  • Durable construction for bigger cats
  • Excellent set of two scratching posts
  • Natural colors fit with your home design
  • Compact enough for travel or smaller rooms
  • Ideal plush covering for cat relaxation
  • Great for attracting fussy cats
  • Ball toy seems to work well at gaining attention
  • Materials withstand regular use
  • Easy to put together and set up
  • Inexpensive enough to buy over and over


  • Does have quite a harsh smell to get used to
  • Not as ideal for multi-cat households due to only one level
  • Can be a bit small for some cats (depending on breed)
  • Can’t remove the hammock material to wash it separately

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