5 Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys of 2024

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Last Updated: March 7, 2021  
Author:  Laraib Shah

Have you ever wondered why kids love toys? And why parent's first instinct is to buy toys as soon as their kids start playing with little items?  Well, it's the same for your kitty and we're going to see why a cat kicker fish toy is an especially good toy to have around for your cat.

Toys play a significant role in the mental and physical development of humans. But, just like these toys are essential for the development of humans, some toys are specifically designed to help your little pets as well!

For cats, these toys are just not something to play with, but these toys also make it easier for you to train your cat. A cat kicker fish toy is one of the best ways to keep your kitty busy in a fun way.

Potaroma Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Our choice is the Potaroma Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy, the best Cat Kicker Fish Toy you can buy for your cat!

Potaroma Cat Toys Flopping Fish with SilverVine and Catnip, Moving Cat Kicker, Floppy Wiggle Fish for Small Dogs, Interactive Motion Kitten Exercise Toys, Mice Animal Toys 10.5'

What Should I Look For in a Cat Kicker Fish Toy?

Cat kicker fish toys bring in several benefits in the life of your furry little friend. They keep them healthy and sharpen their senses at the same time. However, there are several things to consider before buying the best cat kicker fish toy for your little furball (cat).

You might find several types of cat kicker fish toys online. These might include solo playing and interactive session cat kicker fish toys, but you need both types to ensure good mental and physical development of your cat.

When it comes to solo play, toys are supposed to be kicked, caught, hit, held, and snuggled. Such toys are already very popular and easy to find in the market. As a cat owner, you might know that cats love to chase the little moving objects. 

For your convenience, you should buy a remote-controlled version of cat kicker fish toy to increase your cat's interest.

Finding the best toys for your cat can be frustrating sometimes. Relying only on the information given on the box of the toy is not the best practice. 

So, you have to look out for the personal experiences of people with certain toys to find the best toy for your cat. For this, reviews are nice because they help you determine if most cats are interested in a toy or not.

Another thing to consider is your cat's preferences while choosing the ideal cat kicker fish toy  for your cat. When it comes to the texture of the items they play with; cats can be very selective. Cats express their distinctive behavior through what they eat, sleep on, and play with.

So, make sure to notice specific behaviors of your cat before selecting the best cat kicker fish toy for him.

Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys

As mentioned before, the best cat kicker fish toy  depends upon the preferences of your cat, but there are several things that you must look for while buying the best moving fish toy for your cat.

 Here are some pro tips to help you choose the best fish cat toy:

  • Try to buy more realistic toys for your cat to intrigue his/her interest. A fake-looking fish will not attract your cat as much as the one with a realistic look will.
  • A chargeable cat kicker fish toy always allows you to get rid of the battery problems. Toys that require batteries to function will only prove to be a big hassle as you would have to buy new batteries now and then.
  • Never go for the overly expensive cat kicker fish toys as initially you don’t know if your cat would love it or leave it! Avoid spending more than $30, because even if a toy is popular and highly recommended, if your cat is not interested then your money is going to waste.
  • Looking out for cat kicker fish toy reviews because they can give you an idea about which toys are highly popular and might be good for your cat as well.
  • You should always make sure that the toys that you’re planning to buy are safe for animals.
  • When you're looking for a cat kicker fish toy, keep the age and size of your pet in mind. If you own a kitten, then you don't want your fur baby to get hit by items with loose materials. While for big cats, look for toys that stimulate exercise. Such cat kicker fish toys will make your cat active.
  • Avoid buying small cat kicker fish toys to eliminate the risk of choking hazards.
  • Always buy washable toys. This is because if you don’t wash these toys often then you will have to bear the foul smell and there is also a risk of germs.

How to Encourage Your Cat to Use His Cat Kicker Fish Toy?

Encouraging your cat to play with his new flopping fish cat toy can be a tough job sometimes. You have to make sure that you're taking the right steps to develop the interest of your cat for cat kicker fish toys.

  • In the case of cat kicker fish toys , turning them on and off in front of your cat might develop his interest in the toy.
  • Giving your pet small treats is the most effective way to develop their interest in the toys and also for their training purposes. These small treats are not necessary for the long run but it would provide your cat with the encouragement to play with certain cat kicker fish toys.
  • Play with the cat kicker fish toy  in front of them so that they can notice the toy. If it makes your cat excited, you are already done with the encouragement part. Show your cat how to play with the toy and let him have all the fun and entertainment associated with the toy.
  • There are many catnip cat kicker fish toy options available in the market. So, if your cat is a big fan of such toys, you should get one immediately.

Catnip Toys Cat Kicker Fish Toys

Catnip can send cats into ecstasy and it will also increase the interest of cats in their toys. Rubbing the catnip on cat kicker fish toys can refresh the mood of your kitty.

Toys that carry fresh or dried catnip can also be purchased. Just refill the toys with catnip, as the package recommends. Or you can ask your veterinarian about catnip sprays that can be sprayed on your cat's toys as a convenient alternative.

To learn more about catnip, watch this video:

Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys

1. Potaroma Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy - Best Overall Cat Kicker Fish Toy Option

Most of the cats spend their time indoors. They sleep a lot, but they have to be more active to stay healthy. For cats who live a sedentary lifestyle, weight problems and associated diseases might become prominent issues. 

Your cat must exercise daily to stay healthy, and for this purpose, the Potaroma Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy is great. It keeps your pet entertained for long periods.

I have personally used a Potaroma electric moving cat kicker fish toy and found it to be much beneficial in keeping my cat active. The problem with my cat was that she used to be a couch potato, but after I got this cat kicker fish toy, it helped her to become more active and it also made her exercise more.

It is an electric moving cat kicker fish toy with a built-in contact sensor. When a cat touches the toy, the fish toy starts moving and swinging, which makes it look quite interesting for a cat. It has a 100% catnip inside, which is an organically grown catnip. The catnip inside the cat kicker fish toy  has a heavy and enticing smell, which spurs your cat to play.

When the owner is not around, this cat kicker fish toy keeps the cat occupied. It is a clear and realistic-looking fish, created with the 3d printing technology. It is ideal for chewing, punching, and relieving tension.

Potaroma Cat Toys Flopping Fish with SilverVine and Catnip, Moving Cat Kicker, Floppy Wiggle Fish for Small Dogs, Interactive Motion Kitten Exercise Toys, Mice Animal Toys 10.5'


  • It's good for chewing and kicking.
  • Moreover, it is USB rechargeable. It saves time to buy batteries and whatnot.
  • It is washable. Just remove the internal motor before washing.
  • It has two in one feature; the dancing body and a catnip fragrance.
  • This moving cat toy will excite the cat to bounce up and play. The 1 hour full charging time supports 12 hours of play at a time.


  • It might have a sound problem at first.
  • There might be a problem with its movement.

2. Beewarm Electric Flopping Cat Kicker Fish Toy - Best Quality Cat Kicker Fish Toy Option

Another good option for cats is the Beewarm Electric Flopping cat kicker fish toy. This motion cat kicker fish toy has a sensor, so it spins, flops, and kicks around if the feline plays with it. Once the Beewarm is off, it will continue to move and jump, and your cat will get more excited to play with the cat kicker fish toy .

It uses a motor powered by a battery to make a floppy movement on its tail. This makes it a good toy for biting, chewing and kicking. 

If your cat is active then the unused energy can leave him fidgety and it becomes difficult for him to form a normal pattern of sleep. And we all know well how hazardous that can be.

Therefore, you should buy him a toy that encourages him to play with it, hence exercise. This toy is very soft as it is made up of cotton. So, it doesn't hurt the cat's paws. This catnip fish toy will entice your cat to play for a longer time. It's a source of good pet care. 

This colorful fish toy is a lot of fun and your furry little friend will feel less lonely if he is all alone.

Beewarm Flopping Fish Cat Toy Flippity Cat Toy Moving Fish Toy for Cats - Interactive Pets Chew Bite Supplies Catnip - Perfect for Biting, Chewing and Kicking (Catfish)


  • It almost looks like a real fish.
  • It flops or wags automatically.
  • Moreover, it has a built-in battery that can be charged with a USB cable that comes along with it.
  • Catmint catnip is used in this toy, which acts as a stress reliever for the cat.
  • As the cat plays with the toy, it will emit an energizing vibe for a long-lasting play.
  • There is no harmful matter that may damage your kitty as it is made from cotton and plush.


  • The sound it makes can be annoying.
  • You have to use a cord to charge it.
  • When not in use, it automatically disables.
  • It can be loud.

3. Ankda Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy, Realistic Plush Simulation Electric Doll Fish - Best Real-Looking Cat Kicker Fish Toy Option

Cats can get bored or anxious just like human beings. Training and playing with cat kicker fish toys are good ways to alleviate depression or boredom symptoms in cats and playtime also reduces aggression and unwanted behaviors

Therefore, it is recommended for you to buy a realistic-looking fish for your cat to improve his behavior.

When I first bought a cat kicker fish toy for my cat, the toy was not so realistic and my cat was not attracted to it at all. After some time, I bought another toy which was quite a realistic-looking toy and I was surprised after seeing the behavior of my kitty. He was so happy and he loved his realistic toy. That’s when I realized the importance of realistic toys.

This simulation fish looks like an actual fish with 3D bionic printing, a built-in touch sensor. It flops and wags automatically to keep up with the imagination of your cat. 

This floppy fish cat is made up of short plush and PP cotton that protects the teeth and paws of cats when they bite, kick and scrape. It comes with a catnip, which is a plus point.

No products found.


  • The toy can be charged with a USB cable, which is long-lasting and more convenient than an old-fashioned charger.
  •  It is made up of cotton and plush material; it's flexible and does not affect cat paws. It's good for a bite, chew, and scratching because it doesn't contain any toxins or toxic substances.
  • This toy is filled with catmint, which can excite your cat and alleviate his mood and relieve tension.
  • There are no chemical or hazardous materials used in this toy.


  •  It won't charge fully at times.
  • It makes a squeaking sound.
  • You have to use it with a lot of care, or else it will break down.

4. Coolfm Cat Kicker Fish Toy - Best Affordable Cat Kicker Fish Toy Option

You must not compromise on the quality of the toys. There are many sellers out there trying to sell low-quality toys. Choose a cat kicker fish toy with the best quality material. One such toy is Coolfm cat kicker fish toy

This simulation fish toy is quite affordable. Catnip is added in the fish’s head, body, and tail to intrigue the cat. Catnip in this toy will make your pet very happy while playing.

I have used this fish toy for my cat, and I must say that my cat was really happy and intrigued while playing with it. I saw my cat’s excitement while playing with this toy and I can say that I was very happy seeing her jumping around and playing with this cat kicker fish toy.

KTCLCATF Catnip Toys Set Simulation Fish Shape Doll Interactive Pets Pillow Chew Bite Supplies for Cat/Kitty/Kitten Fish Flop Cat Toy Catnip Crinkle Toys 3PCS (QDY-3PCS)


  • Easy to carry.
  • It is made up of soft material.
  • The fish toy looks like a real fish that will attract the cat's attention and trigger a normal hunt behavior.
  • Safe to use as it is filled with PP cotton.
  • The motor core can be disassembled and washed.
  • It has a strong aroma.


  • This toy is more like a stuffed toy.
  • The cat might get tired of the toy after playing with it for a while, as it is not that fancy.

5. Peteast Fish Kicker Toy for Cats - Best Entertainment Cat Kicker Fish Toy Option

Games or playing with toys help cats develop skills and enhance their learning. This Automatic Moving cat kicker fish toy is equipped with an integrated touch-sensor. Peteast Fish Kicker Toy allows your cat to chase and punch. This type of cat kicker fish toy entertains a cat the most.

This toy will make your cat excited and happy as he plays with it. It also includes catnip.

It is built with a realistic fish look and shape. This shape can catch the attention of a cat. By playing with this toy, your cat will feel less lonely and bored. It only takes almost 30 minutes to charge.

Peteast Cat Toys, Electric Moving Realistic Wiggle Fish Catnip Toys, Plush Interactive Cat Toys - Fish Kicker Toy for Cats Kitten Kitty…


  • This kicker fish toy swings 200 times after a complete charge, as it has advanced lithium batteries. For easy cleaning of the Plush toy, the infused charged motor can be removed.
  • It is filled with 100% organically grown catnip. Catnip can enhance digestion and keep animals healthy by encouraging intestinal peristalsis.
  • This kicker fish toy is made from durable, safe, and non-toxic cotton fiber.
  •  It's easy to clean as well.


  • The sound might irritate your kitty at times.
  • You might get irritated with the toy's sound if your cat uses it too much.

Final Thoughts on Cat Kicker Fish Toys

After considering the pros and cons of each cat kicker fish toy and also from personal experience, we would recommend Potaroma Electric Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy. We picked it as our best overall option because this cat kicker fish toy proves to be the most convenient for a cat and owner.

It is a realistic-looking cat kicker fish toy  that is safe for your kitty. Toys add entertainment, fun, and colors to the life of a cat and if you are planning to buy a kicker fish toy for your cat, Senneny electric moving fish toy is a good option.

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