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Last Updated: March 7, 2021  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

Your cat is more than just a treasured companion in your home. That furry friend of yours is a member of the family – someone you rely on to improve your mood, help you relax, and keep you company in times of strife. But, my oh my, can they leave a lot of fluff and hair all over the place, which is where this Lilly Brush comes in! It's a winner!

When you’ve had a long and stressful day at work, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your cat on the sofa for a few hours of R&R. Unfortunately, your pet won’t just leave you with a warm feeling in your chest – they might also leave behind a whole lot of fur too. 

The amount of fur you’ll need to deal with as a pet owner depends on the kind of animal you have. If your feline isn’t very cuddly, then you might be able to avoid excess fur on the sofa. If you’ve got a short-haired cat, then they’re also less likely to shed than their long-haired counterparts. 

However, it’s important to remember that most cats shed, and they usually do it every day. Depending on the breed and environment, kitties typically lose and regrow millions of hairs on a pretty regular basis. Your cat might shed even more than your dog.

So, what can you do about it? Products like the Lilly Brush mini pet hair detailer claim to have the solution.

The Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer: An Overview

Furry animals like cats and dogs have a habit of leaving fur behind wherever they go. While you can sometimes get rid of the majority with a lint roller and vacuum cleaner, this isn’t always the best solution. Lint rollers are wasteful and not the best option for the environment. Vacuum cleaners can also struggle to pick up pet fur in some cases. 

Cat fur and dander is more lightweight than dog hair. On the one hand, this means that stroking your cat and snuggling with him is a delightful experience. On the other hand, it also means that you’ll have a harder time picking up stray cat fur with the vacuum cleaner. 

The Lilly Brush Mini pet hair detailer aims to solve the problem of excess fur around the house. This convenient and compact tool can remove coats from chrome, plastic, wood, furniture, and even inside of your car. It sweeps away fur much faster than a brush or lint roller and doesn’t require the electricity of your vacuum cleaner.

With the Lilly brush pet hair detailer, you can scrape away huge piles of fur in no time and reduce the amount of effort you spend on cleaning your upholstery and your car.

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What is a Pet Hair Remover?

If you’ve been looking for pet fur solutions, and you’ve seen the term “pet hair remover”, you might be wondering what that actually means. Obviously, it’s not a device to remove fur from your cat (that wouldn’t be very nice). A pet hair remover isn’t necessarily a brush for your cat either – instead, these items try to remove clinging fur from furniture and upholstery. 

There are different kinds of pet fur remover products. Some are stiff brushes that you can use to swipe away hair as quickly as possible. Others are lint-roller style devices that come with microfiber fabric and other materials that capture fur and dander. Some of these products are even washable so you can reuse them as often as you like. 

Rubber pet hair removers, like the Lilly brush detailer, use a thin piece of rubber to clump cat fur together in larger wads that allow them to be picked up or easily vacuumed. 

Lilly Brush Pet Hair Remover

The Lilly Brush, pet hair remover, is a convenient rubber-style detailer that’s perfect for getting rid of difficult-to-remove pet hair. It captures even the most hard-to-grab fur from your long-haired cats and pops. And you can even use it with the vacuum to give your fabrics that freshly-restored look that you love. This item works with all kinds of materials, and it’s perfect for taking with you on the move, as it’s small enough to fit in a pocket.

Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer | Pet Hair Remover for Car Carpet & Couch, Car Interior & Auto Detailing Supplies, Dog & Cat Hair Remover for Car & Furniture, Reusable Pet Fur Remover for Furniture


  • Simple and easy to use design
  • Well-priced for extra value
  • Works well on wood, plastic, and fabric
  • Reusable design that’s easy to clean
  • Good for hard-to-capture fur


  • You’ll need to collect and dispose of the fur by hand
  • Won’t work on all surfaces

Lilly Brush Pet Hair Remover Review: Design

When it comes to choosing the ideal hair removal tool, you always need something that’s going to be convenient and easy to use. The Lilly brush pet hair detailer is perfect for that purpose. There’s nothing complicated to figure out here. Just grab your detailer and start scraping it across fabrics and other surfaces to remove pet hair. 

If you’re struggling to figure out how this product works, it’s basically like a squeegee for fur. The solid plastic centre is easy for gripping, and there’s a thick rubber ring around it that pulls the hair away from the fabric. There are flat and round edges, as well as corners to help you get your detailer into every difficult space. 


When you’re done scraping fur away from your surfaces, all you need to do is collect the fluff and throw it in the trash. You can wipe down the Lilly brush detailer and pop it in your pocket or a drawer to use again later. There’s no need to worry about piles of waste like you would get with a lint roller.

The durable materials within the Lilly Brush pet hair remover mean that this product is built to last. It might be small, but it gets the job done with very little effort and elbow grease on your part.

Lilly Brush Pet Hair Remover Review: Performance

The Lilly brush pet hair detailer promises to remove all pet hair and fur from your surfaces – and it does. This product works for stubborn fur from your kitty’s undercoat, including more rough fur from different kinds of cat. You can even remove dog and cat fur from your surfaces at the same time without having to switch between accessories.

The pickup power of the Lilly Brush pet hair remover is excellent, but it’s worth remembering that it doesn’t work well on all surfaces. It’s safe on wood, chrome, and plastic, but it can sometimes scrape and struggle with some firmer materials. You might also find that it doesn’t work well on thick piles, furry throws, and carpets because the rubber elements can’t go too deep.

How to use the Lilly Brush Pet hair detailer

The good news for today’s pet owners is that the Lilly Brush is very easy to use. There’s no need to plug anything in or find some batteries. Just grab the Lilly brush by the centre plastic and drag the black edges over the area that you want to clean.

As you pull the item over your chairs and other furniture, you’ll begin to see hair piling up around the edges of the areas you’re working on. You’ll need to make sure that any fabric you’re using this item on is pulled taut, otherwise it might just wrinkle and fold when you’re trying to clean it.

There’s also a chance that you won’t be able to use this pet hair remover on thicker materials, as it might get stuck or stop being as effective. Once you’re done brushing, you can put the hair remover away, usually without any cleaning required. Just collect the fur that’s gathered on the Lilly brush and throw it away.


Lilly Brush Pet Hair Remover Review: Price

At first glance, the simple design of the Lilly brush pet hair detailer might make the price seem quite excessive. When you can get a lint roller for a dollar or two, it’s difficult to see why you should spend almost $20 on a chunk of plastic. 

However, it’s worth remembering that the value you get from this product is well worth the price. You don’t have to throw away a lot of trash that’s bad for the environment, so you get to run a more eco-friendly household. That’s great if you’re the kind of person who cares about staying green. 

It’s also worth remembering that the Lilly Brush pet hair remover is reusable. You can use it to remove fur as frequently as you like, without having to buy replacements like you would with a typical lint roller. You can even use this product all-around your house and in your cars too.

There are no inserts or extra features to worry about with the Lilly Brush, and no batteries or power supply to consider too. One downside is that it’s not the largest product in the world. There is a bigger version available, but this little item could be a good choice if you’re looking for something more efficient and portable.

Lilly Brush Review: Alternatives

If you decide that the Lilly Brush pet hair remover isn’t the right option for you and your furry friends, there are a few other alternatives that you can consider. For instance:

1. The Chom Chom Pet Hair Remover

One of the best-known pet hair remover products on the market, the Chom Chom is a popular item for most pet parents. This convenient tool makes it quick and easy to pick up large amounts of hard-to-collect fur from various materials around your home. The Chom Chom pet hair remover is a little larger than the Lilly brush counterpart, so it might be ideal for covering bigger spaces

Another alternative to vacuums and wasteful lint rollers, the Chom Chom is a reusable tool that keeps your carpets and furniture looking wonderful. There are no complex features that you need to learn how to use, and you can take your remover with you wherever you go too.

Chom Chom Roller Pet Hair Remover and Reusable Lint Roller - ChomChom Cat and Dog Hair Remover for Furniture, Couch, Carpet, Clothing and Bedding - Portable, Multi-Surface Fur Removal Tool


  • Portable, battery-free design
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly with no waste
  • Compartment to capture pet hair
  • No refills required


  • Needs to be emptied manually
  • Might not work on all surfaces

2. Scotch Brite Lint Rollers

Probably the most common alternative to the Lilly brush pet hair remover and detailer, the standard lint roller is an excellent choice for saving yourself some time and money on cleaning. You can take these devices with you on the move – although the Lilly brush is a little more compact. It’s also easy to remove fur from virtually any surface with this product. 

Unfortunately, it could take many refills to clean every surface around your home with a lint-roller, making the product a little impractical. It’s also worth noting that the waste from your lint roller isn’t ideal for the environment.

Scotch Brite Lint Roller, Value Pack of 75 Sheets, 375 Total Sheets


  • Ideal for fabrics and clothing
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Convenient pricing for people on a budget
  • Minimal effort required


  • Wasteful, and not great for the environment
  • Not ideal for larger areas

3. Pet Hair Vacuum - Bissel Eraser Handheld

If you really want to get rid of large amounts of fur from more spacious areas, like an entire sofa, or throughout your entire car, then a pet hair vacuum could be the perfect choice. These products are specially designed to capture pet hair fast. The Bissel eraser Handheld vacuum is one of the top choices on the market for this purpose. 

Not only is this vacuum cleaner easy to use, but it’s excellent at collecting fur and dander from around your house and vehicle. The handheld design also means it’s easy to get into difficult corners and areas around your couch and in your car. You might be able to collect more dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner than a Lilly brush. However, that does mean spending a lot more money on your initial investment and using electricity.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum, Purple


  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Removes lots of hair from large spaces
  • Specially designed to collect pet fur
  • Suitable for use in house and car


  • Expensive initial investment
  • Requires access to a power source

Remember, When Choosing Your Pet Hair Remover

There are plenty of different products out there in the pet fur remover landscape for homeowners that want to keep their properties looking spic and span. The Lilly brush pet hair detailer is a convenient option if you’re looking for a lightweight and portable way to get rid of excess fur from around your home. However, the Lilly brush product might be a little too small for people who want to clean large spaces rapidly. 

You’ll also find that using a brush like the Lilly brush product might mean that you need to put a little more effort into your cleaning than you would need with a vacuum cleaner that has suction power built in. 

One point to keep in mind is that you might actually need more than one pet hair remover in your home. A vacuum cleaner that can easily collect pet hair will help you to get rid of excess dander and fur in your carpets and around larger items of furniture. On the other hand, a pet hair remover that you can take with you to work will ensure that you can look professional on-the-move. 


Even if you have an excellent pet hair vacuum cleaner at home, you might decide to purchase an additional remover like the Lilly Brush that you can take with you wherever you go. You can keep it in your car or your pocket, and it’s small enough to use anywhere.

If you need a quick way to get rid of excess fur on the seats in your car, or you want to clean up a blanket or item of clothing, then the Lilly Brush will definitely do the job. It’s quick and easy to pull difficult-to-collect pet hair from your furniture and items around the home without grabbing the vacuum cleaner. Plus you get the added benefit of knowing you’re doing something good for the environment by not contributing to excess waste.

Lilly Brush Pet Hair Remover Review: Verdict

When it comes to choosing the best products for pet hair removal and management, there’s no one-size-fits-all. In our opinion, the Lilly Brush pet hair remover and detailer is an excellent product for getting rid of fur in small spaces. This market-leading product has captured the hearts of pet parents around the world for its simplicity and efficacy. 

The Lilly Brush is both affordable and reusable, which gives it plenty of value as a powerful pet accessory. However, it might not be the ideal choice for every situation. For instance, this mini detailer is great for smaller spaces (like inside of your car), but it’s not going to be suitable for plucking fur out of your carpets or larger spaces. 

You should also keep in mind that you still need to collect the fur that your Lilly brush gathers and put it in the trash yourself. However, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue for pet parents.

For the price, we’d definitely recommend giving the Lilly brush a try if you want a quick and easy way to clean up furniture inside and outside of the home.

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