An Honest Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack Review

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Posted in Cat Supplies 
Last Updated: September 29, 2021  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

Not so long ago, the thought of placing your cat in a backpack rather than a carrier for travel purposes would probably sound a bit odd. However, in the last few years, the search for more convenient transport solutions has made the kitty backpack an appealing trend

tabby cat lieing next to his pecute cat carrier backpack

Whether you’re leash training your feline pal, or you’re just looking for an easy way to get them to the vet, a product like the Pecute cat carrier could be an incredible investment. 

Today, we’re conducting a comprehensive Pecute cat carrier backpack review. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about this product’s performance, safety measures, and ease of use.

The Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack

The best Cat backpack for your cat!


What is a Cat Backpack?

A cat backpack is an alternative cat carrier designed to simplify life for today’s pet parents. There are various different kinds out there, some intended for things like hiking and long walks, while others are ideal for trips to the vet. 

Yes, cat backpacks are really 'a thing' and proving to be super popular with new cat owners and first time kitty owners alike! 

If you like taking your cat on adventures with you, a cat backpack can be an excellent alternative to a standard carrier. Your cat can relax in an environment that’s safe and easy to transport.

Most people even find cat backpacks to be a lot easier to use than the basic carrier.

If your cat weighs more than a couple of kilos, the chances are you’ll be struggling to keep a good grip on the carrier as you move it around. We’ve all noticed our cats getting occasionally bumped and moved around as we try to keep the carrier steady in motion. 

A cat backpack is a fun and stylish alternative to clunky plastic carriers, with benefits like:

  • A comfortable, warm interior for your kitty
  • Easier carrying due to durable shoulder straps
  • Hands-free transportation
  • Fun adventures with your feline friend
  • Great weight distribution (less jarring for your cat)

What to Look for in A Cat Backpack

As kitty backpacks become more popular, the number of options available is increasing. Today’s backpacks come in a range of shapes and sizes, some featuring unique components, like dome windows for your cat to see out of. 

While most backpacks will be suitable for a wide range of cats, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when choosing a product like the Pecute cat carrier backpack. For instance, the larger the cat, the greater your backpack’s capacity will need to be. Ensure you know the size of your cat and consider how comfortable the internal space is going to be for your kitty. 

You’ll also need to consider things like security, ventilation, and even the strength of the backpack straps. Some of the top points to consider include:

  • Size: The cat backpack needs to be the right size for your feline friend. The Pecute backpack only has one size to choose from, measuring around 35 x 28 x 42 cm.
  • Material and durability: Look for backpacks strong enough to withstand regular use. The Pecute backpack features high-quality oxford cloth to protect against scratching.
  • Waterproof: Waterproofing is often a good choice, particularly if you’ll be walking with your pet in all weathers.
  • Ease of use: The Pecute cat carrier Backpack is easy to carry, with comfortable adjustable shoulder pads and a padded back panel for extra support.
  • Comfort: Make sure your cat feels cozy when traveling in your backpack. The Pecute backpack comes with extra padding – perfect for your cats to relax on.
  • Visibility: Cats often feel more comfortable when they can see the world around them from their carrier. The Pecute backpack comes with a range of views into the outside world.
  • Extra security: Lockable zippers and other security components are useful for peace of mind. The Pecute backpack includes a safety rope to connect to your cat’s collar.

The Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack

The best Cat backpack for your cat!


Introducing the Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack

Pecute is one of the leading brands in pet accessories today. Offering a host of great items, like convenient brushes, toys, and carriers, the Pecute company can address a range of cat ownership needs easily. One of the most popular products offered by Pecute is the cat backpack carrier. 

Designed to fit a wide range of felines, the Pecute cat backpack is unique because it can extend to give your kitty more space when they need it. The Pecute cat carrier Backpack is available in a set of four colors, the cat backpack is suitable for walks with your feline friend, trips to the vet and more. 

According to Pecute, this backpack is suitable for both cats and small dogs. However, we’d definitely recommend checking the measurements before you invest if you have a larger breed of cat. 

The expandable Pecute cat carrier Backpack is easy to use and durable, with ultra-strong materials throughout. There’s a flap on the top of the bag where your cat can pop his head out to look at the world around him. As an extra bonus, you’ll also get pockets for storing items like water bottles and treats.

Features of the Pecute backpack include:

  • Durable oxford cloth (scratch proof)
  • Extensive 360-degree ventilation to keep your cat cool
  • Padded central section for cat comfort
  • Cushioned and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Easy-open top flap
  • Visibility on all sides
  • Shock absorption design on the back for spine protection
  • Extendable mesh area for your cat to relax in during breaks
  • Two storage pockets for phones, water bottles and more
  • Retractable hook safety rope with anti-zip escape
  • Multiple entrance options
  • Lockable zippers
an image showing how the pecute cat carrier backpack works

Dimensions: 34 x 27 x 45 cm, with the option to expand up to 62 x 35 x 45 cm. You can also fold the full bag down flat for storage purposes. 

Weight: 1.81 kg

Capacity: Suitable for pets weighing up to 15kg

Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack Review: Features

Aside from its stylish design, there are a handful of things that make the Pecute backpack stand out for cat owners. This is a highly breathable, portable, and versatile product for cat travel. Multiple full-opening mesh window pockets and extensive ventilation help to keep your cat comfortable. You also get the benefit of a comfortable experience when carrying the backpack. 

Some of our favorite features of the Pecute cat backpack include:

Versatile extendable design

If you find most standard cat carriers seem too cramped for your kitty, the extendable cat backpack from Pecute could be the perfect choice. This extendable backpack allows users to extend the internal space by up to 90%. You can extend the back panel fully to allow your kitty to lie down when you’re not carrying them. There’s also the option to open the top of the backpack to let your kitty peek out.

If you’re worried about your cat escaping when you open one of the windows, there’s also a safety rope included in the bottom of the bag, which connects to your pet’s collar. This can prevent them from trying to jump out when you’re on the move.

Excellent durability

The  Pecute cat carrier Backpack is built with a focus on quality first. High durability oxford cloth promises excellent performance year after year, even with regular use. The oxford cloth looks great, as well as being completely waterproof and resistant to scratching. 

This environmentally friendly backpack has no toxic materials, and the Pecute team even used stainless steel components for extra security. Even the nylon mesh parts are strong enough to stand the test of time with any kitty. Though the bag is intended for 15kg pets at most, it can carry up to 20kg so that you can take extra treats and bottles of water with you too.

Unfortunately, we have seen a few reviews from other customers indicating the  Pecute cat carrier Backpack might begin to lose some of its durability over time.

Great kitty comfort

Not only is the expandable backpack highly versatile, but it keeps your cat’s comfort in mind too. The mesh material on all sides of the bag ensures excellent breathability for your kitty. There’s also a sunscreen available for the top of the extended section if your kitty needs some shade.

So, your cat has somewhere comfortable to relax during journeys; there’s extra plush cushioning on the bottom of the bag. The plush cushion inside the  Pecute cat carrier Backpack is removable, so you can clean it regularly between tips or even help your cat to avoid overheating during summer.

What’s more, because you get better weight distribution with a backpack, you’re less likely to accidentally knock your feline friend all over the place as you walk.

multiple images of cats using their pecute cat carrier backpack

Carrying comfort

As important as your cat’s comfort is, it’s important for you to feel comfortable carrying your feline pal too. The Pecute cat carrier considers the needs of the pet owner, with adjustable shoulder straps wit a widened design for better weight distribution. There’s a set of two retractable buckles on the top and bottom of each strap to reduce the risk of strap deviation. 

As an extra bonus, users will also have a honeycomb cushioned back panel, with mesh components for breathability. The shock-absorption design helps to improve resistance to unexpected knocks and bumps, so you and your cat can have a more comfortable adventure.

Ease of Use

The Pecute cat carrier Backpack is extremely convenient and easy to use. When you’re not carrying your kitty cat around, you can fold the full backpack completely flat for storage. There are also multiple ways to ease your cat into their new carrier if you’re having trouble with the standard top-entry option.

Fully openable sides, as well as a front and back entrance section ensure you can choose the most effective ways to give your feline friend access to their new space. Plus, to make travelling with your cat easier, the Pecute cat carrier Backpack also comes with two storage pockets, so you don’t need to take an extra bag for things like water, your smartphone, or treats.

The Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack

The best Cat backpack for your cat!


Great visibility

We always find taking our cats on adventures to be much easier when they can comfortably see what’s going on around them. To help with this, the Pecute cat carrier Backpack has a series of mesh windows, which offer a combination of visibility and breathability in one. There’s also a set of two clear PVC windows, so your cat can see clearly whenever they like.

Security and safety

As mentioned above, the Pecute cat carrier Backpack features a range of high-quality materials to keep your cat secure when you’re on the move. The durable oxford material is great for durability, but the mesh components won’t protect against a curious cat’s claws. 

The safety strap available to connect to the collar of your cat to keep them in one place is useful, although it can be a little difficult to get everything set up before your trip. For extra safety, you can lock the two zippers together to prevent them from accidentally coming undone as you walk.

Is the Pecute Cat Backpack Carrier Worth It?

The Pecute cat carrier Backpack is an impressive product for anyone interested in switching their standard cat carrier for something a little more convenient. We appreciate how much ventilation there is in this carrier, so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting overheated. The extendable components of the backpack are also a nice touch, though you can only extend the product fully when it’s not on your back, so you may need to take regular breaks.

Overall, the durability of the Pecute cat carrier Backpack is decent. It doesn’t seem like the zippers are going to break or the material will rip any time soon. However, you should definitely consider your cat’s personality and weight when assessing durability. The bigger the cat, the more pressure on the material of the backpack. Plus, if your cat tends to scratch and roll around during the bag when you’re moving, this places your backpack under increased stress. 

We also have this full article about the best cat backpack picks currently on the market. 

Happy backpacking! 

image showing how the pecute cat carrier backpack unfolds

We love the removable padding at the bottom of the backpack, which makes it easier to keep your kitty warm and comfortable during the winter. The range of comfort feature for pet parents is fantastic too. The adjustable straps work well to distribute your cat’s weight evenly over your back, and the shock-absorption back padding protects you from excess stress on your spine.

Another bonus feature of the Pecute cat carrier Backpack is how many “extra” features it has. You can unload and load your cat into the backpack from multiple angles, attach a safety rope to their collar for extra peace of mind, and even lock your zippers. You’ll also get a set of high-performance pockets to hold things like water bottles, smartphones, and even waste bags if you need them.

Pecute Cat Carrier Backpack: Pros and Cons

With room to fit both your feline friend and any accessories you might need to take on your next trip, the Pecute cat carrier is a convenient and reliable product. Though it may be a little too small for larger cats, it should work well with the average moggy. 

Waterproof and scratch-resistant material ensures your backpack should last a decent amount of time. Plus, the structure of the backpack genuinely does offer a more comfortable experience for both you and your cat during travel. We also like the fact you can choose from a range of colors for this backpack. Though aesthetics isn’t as important as performance with a product like this, it’s nice to have something that matches your style.

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  • Removable padding for easy washing
  • Excellent range of entry and exit points for your cat
  • Built-in retractable safety rope
  • Airline approved for easy use during travel
  • Folds down flat for easy storage
  • Excellent ventilation options
  • Lots of visibility for your cat
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and extra back protection
  • Storage pockets for water bottles and treats
  • Range of color options to choose from
  • Durable materials should stand the test of time


  • Can be less durable depending on the nature of your cat
  • Expandable portion can only be fully extended when you’re not carrying the bag
  • Mesh components aren’t as durable as the oxford cloth sections
  • Won’t be large enough for certain breeds of cat
  • Can take some getting used to

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