Kitten Lives Matter !!

This is the story of two kittens in Greece that were found abandoned near to some garbage bins. They were covered in fleas, very dirty and were obviously very hungry.

Valia, the caring lady who rescued them, has already cared for and fostered many homeless dogs. Stray cats and dogs are a big problem in Greece, there are so many and the local people do not seem to care about them.

Luckily there are people like Valia who care for them and spend time trying to educate people into changing their attitude.

Watch the video:

Valia explains: “This is the story of my babies. Like so many other kittens, they were abandoned like trash. Don’t ask why, or how, or by who. It doesn’t matter. This is what we are dealing with here. The people abandoning kittens and puppies in trash are not monsters. They are everyday people, usually senior or elderly, who follow a tradition that has been going on for years. They are our grandparents and our grandmothers and our kind next door neighbors. There are millions of stray cats in Greece, and Sunny and Pamuk are two of the luckiest ones. Most suffer horrible deaths sealed inside plastic bags, never rescued, never give a chance to live.”

“I was so nervous when I found them. Young kittens like these are fragile and sensitive. I just didn’t know if they’d make it or not. But they did, and today they are two adorable two month old kittens, social, and playful and funny. They love life. They fought hard to be here, and they deserve the best.”

And living with Valia and her four rescue dogs is the best possible start in life they could have had. Take a look at this follow up video:

You can find out more about Valia and the great work she does on her blog: TheOrphanPet
Or visit her on Facebook 

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