Man Falls Asleep Outside and Wakes Up With a Stray Kitten on His Lap

Ali Safa, from Australia, was relaxing in his garden one day. He fell asleep and woke up a stray cat napping on his stomach!

Ali decided to take a selfie with the kitten, he really didn’t mind whether or not this cat had fleas. When she finally awoke, she let her new friend know that she was ready for breakfast!

Ali didn’t have any cat food in the house so he gave her left over chicken from his previous meal and the skinny feline wolfed it down. He had never had a pet before but he quickly gained this stray kitty’s trust. he named her Angel and a visit to the vet revealed that she was in purr-fect health.

The two are now living permanently together and have become the best of friends. it’s so lovely to see that Angel has found her forever home and together they have become the dynamic duo!

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