Woman Finds Note in Collar That Reveals Her Cat’s Secret Life

Pixi the cat lives in Mexico with Mary, his human. Mary suspected that her cat was also living with another family when he came home one day with a different collar on. So Mary decided to write a note explaining that she thought this cat had two families and put it in Pixi’s collar. The note said: “My name is Pixi and I think I have two homes!”

Not long after, Pixi slipped away again as he usually does – unaware that this time, because of the note, that his elaborate ruse was about to unravel.

The cat then returned home with a another note in his collar saying: “Here he is called Huarache, it appears that he does have two homes…haha. Greetings!” Despite being essentially cheated on by her cat, Mary wasn’t upset, she was more than happy to share her kitty’s love and warm spirit.

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