time spent with cats sigmund freud

Time Spent with Cats is Never Wasted

I love this quote! BUT WAIT! Is this historically correct?Did Sigmund Freud actually say: “Time spent with cats is never wasted”?There is quite a bit of debate about this. Even though this quote is widely attributed to Sigmund Freud on many quotation websites, there is actually no documented evidence that he ever said it.Time spent

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Why Cats Think They Are Better Than Us

Are cats better than humans?
Well, those lovely artists behind the creative studio Last Lemon posed this question to a bunch of their feline friends and then illustrated a few of their answers.

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10 Motivational Quotes From Cats

Cats are creatures that seem to have got their priorities right and in an attempt to share this wisdom, those lovely people at Last Lemon have illustrated 10 motivational quotes from our feline friends…

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Matilda The Alien Cat

This is Matilda, she came crashing down to earth on Valentines day 2013 and was found by an animal rescue centre. 12 weeks later she was adopted by her forever family who became her loyal servants. It soon became apparent that Matilda was no ordinary cat…..

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