Your Cats – 20th December 2014

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

My sleepy kitties. 6 weeks old. Sent in by Samantha Priest Barrett:

Samantha Priest Barrett

Merry Christmas from Jess and Boo. Sent in by Flintshire Wildlife & Pet Rescue:

Flintshire Wildlife & Pet Rescue

This lovely pic was sent in by Andrea Hanson‎:

Andrea Hanson‎

” I luvs this tree!” Sent in by Shari Elaine Gibson:

Shari Elaine Gibson

Aspen decided I didn’t get tree topper on in time! Sent in by Jennifer McCoy Bogue‎:

Jennifer McCoy Bogue‎

Merry Christmas from Frankie! Sent in by Lorie Matter:

Lorie Matter

Painting is a two man job! Sent in by Daisy-May Hurrell:

Daisy-May Hurrell

This great pic was sent in by JCole Creation‎:

JCole Creation‎

This great selection of pics was sent in by Nathalie Juille:

Nathalie Juille 2 Nathalie Juille 3 Nathalie Juille 4 nat

Santa Claws! “MAXIMILLIUS” is in the Christmas spirit!.. See him sticking his tongue out? Sent in by Linda Lambeth Hand‎:

Linda Lambeth Hand‎

Here’s my “Mad and Wet” cat picture; Wendy cat is not amused. Sent in by Tamara Dobbs Matthews‎:

Tamara Dobbs Matthews‎

This lovely pic was sent in by Sarah Scully‎:

Sarah Scully‎

My Cobi King. Sent in by Mario Jorge Benevides‎:

Mario Jorge Benevides‎ Mario Jorge Benevides‎ 1

Goodnight everybody. We can hardly keep our eyes open now. Sent in by John Raymond‎:

John Raymond‎

Lazy Sunday afternoon

This is Jeremy, just rescued this morning. Sent in by Anne Faith Ridehalgh‎:

Anne Faith Ridehalgh‎

Haley is sooo bad she thinks she is baby Jesus. Sent in by Antoinette M. De Domenico:


Two of my friends. Sent in by Sandra Chubb‎:

Sandra Chubb‎

Zabu is ready for the holiday festivities! Sent in by Karen Desmarais‎:

Karen Desmarais‎

Picture Purrfect Tanner. Sent in by Sherie Gochanour Price‎:

Sherie Gochanour Price‎

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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