Your Cats – January 2016

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

This is Jack. His human is my 7 year old daughter and his favorite spot is sitting on her bed, watching the world go by out her bedroom window. Jack is almost 18 months old. Sent in by Tracey Phipps:

Tracey Phipps

This little cutie was sent in by SD Evans:


sd 2

This is my new Tortishell. She is 12 weeks old. We just love her markings. Sent in by Virginia Kittredge Souther:

Virginia Kittredge Souther

Just wanted to share this photo of my gorgeous boy Binxs, sent in by Lisa Guest:

Lisa Guest

This is my wee black cat ,shes a great wee lass and her name is Ebony. Sent in by Janet Sinclair:‎

Janet Sinclair‎

This is my cat Chippy, he loves watching TV! Sent in by Anna Banky‎:

Anna Banky‎

I’m thirsty that’s all! Sent in by Josie Taleb:

Josie Taleb

Loving my two little fur babies! Sent in by Megan Dutchak:


This is Pooterman and Mamma and was sent in by Dana M DeGraw‎:

Dana M DeGraw‎

I’m little but I have claws! Sent in by Olga Kastorna‎:

Olga Kastorna‎

Teddy 14 seems to see me! Sent in by Thomas Kessel‎:


Tadpole found the catnip. Sent in by Cindy Minor‎:

Cindy Minor‎

My Tiger and Mittens, sent in by Arnita CashMoney Brown‎:

Arnita CashMoney Brown‎

This is my 2 torties which are part of my furbaby clan. This is Fozzie (one laying down) and Millie (the sitting cat). These 2 have the most amount of energy and get into everywhere there not meant too! Sent in by Simon Nelson‎:

Simon Nelson‎

Our lovely cat Bailey was sent in by David Coulter‎:

David Coulter‎

Sweetie and Pepi napping was sent in by Lynda Stevens‎:

Lynda Stevens‎

Our cat Bailey. He found us nearly 4 years ago. Sent in by Miriam Coulter‎:

Miriam Coulter‎

Juno giving me the look. Sent in by Tamlyn Spencer Vieira-Rodrigues:‎

Tamlyn Spencer Vieira-Rodrigues‎

This is Persia and was sent in by Amarilys Olan‎:

Amarilys Olan‎

Pumpkin wants to go out! Sent in by Yvonne Pratt‎:


Firetip Ragdolls. Sent in by Brandon Langston‎:

Brandon Langston‎

Yes, we like moustaches! Sent in by Carolyn Balser Lynd‎:

Carolyn Balser Lynd‎

This is daddy and daughter, Prince and Tinklebell. Sent in by Amanda Louise Fisher‎:

Amanda Louise Fisher‎

This is Harvey and Gizzy and was sent in by Claire ‘Clucky’ Austin‎:

Claire 'Clucky' Austin‎

I spy baby boy Leonardo, sent in by Alice Chalfante‎:

Alice Chalfante‎

This lovely pic was sent in by Helena Wilson‎:

Helena Wilson‎

Look at those hypnotic eyes!! Sent in by Melissa Ann Moore‎:

Melissa Ann Moore‎

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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