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A Hedgehog of Snow and Maru & Hana

It’s winter and snow has fallen, this has given an idea to Maru and Hana’s human so she’s left them a gift on the back porch, a hedgehog made of snow and icicles, and a face made of kitty treats. What do you think these friendly kitties will make of it?

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Maru & Hana – The Very Best of Friends

One of the reasons I totally love this compilation of Maru and Hana together is that shows the other side of their relationship. You can see how comfortable they are and how much they appreciate each others company. They seem very chilled and incredibly content…

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Maru and Hana and the Jute Bag

These two kitties really know how to have a good time!
This time it’s Hana that’s in the bag but it’s obvious Maru thinks it’s his place, luckily they both get a chance at popping their heads out of the hole because it’s hilarious to see!

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Maru & Hana Take The Paw Test

Did you know that just like humans, cats can be left or right handed.
Maru and Hana’s human decided to put this to the test and set up an experiment to determine which was the dominant paw of these two delightful kitties.

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Maru and Hana are Relaxed

It’s a lazy afternoon and Hana has found the perfect place to relax, so comfy that she begins to drift off. But what is this sack-like thing in the middle of the room?
When the camera angle changes all is revealed…

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