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Do Siamese Cats Shed A Lot? (Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?)

Posted in: Cat Care - Last Updated: May 2, 2022 - Author: Dexter Jones
Posted in Cat Care 
Last Updated: May 2, 2022  
Author:  Dexter Jones
Do Siamese cats shed a lot

There are two major misconceptions related to Siamese cats. They are said to be a cat breed that doesn't shed cat hair and are hypoallergenic cat breeds. 

While it sounds like music to the ears of any would-be cat owner, the reality is different.

Siamese cats do shed and they are NOT hypoallergenic!

The whole misconception comes from their short hair which makes their fur falling less noticeable. 

Keep reading to learn more about Siamese cats shedding and the chance of them causing allergic reactions in their human companions.

Do Siamese Cats Shed a Lot? (in short)

Siamese cats shed like any other member of the Felidae family.

The reason why some people report that this breed doesn't shed is its short hair which makes shedding less noticeable.

If you skip grooming your feline during the shedding season, you will notice fur on carpet, furniture, and toys.

Other breeds with short hair include the Burmese, Cornish Rex, and the Devon Rex.

Are Siamese Cats Hypoallergenic?

The claim that Siamese cats don't shed gave birth to another misconception saying that they are totally hypoallergenic and perfect for allergy sufferers.

The allergenic potential of a cat breed is determined by how it sheds. 

The point is that while shedding, cats spread the FeID1 protein found in the dander and fur that fall out. 

This protein can cause allergic reactions in about 10% of people. Hence, it is said that a cat that sheds abundantly is hypoallergenic.

Similarly, a cat that doesn't shed is considered hypoallergenic. 

But since there are no felines that don't shed, the story about hypoallergenic cats is fake.

Truth be told, there are breeds that shed less and hence are less allergenic. Siamese cats are also in this category. 

Since they have short hair, they spread less fur, and with that, the risk of people coming into contact with the allergic protein FeID1 is lower.

If you or one of your family members is hypersensitive, a Siamese feline would suit you perfectly. 

You may experience some allergy-related problems once in a while, but not as frequent and severe as the ones caused by long-hair breeds.

Are Siamese cats hypoallergenic

Siamese Cat Shed Constantly

Like any other feline breed, Siamese sheds constantly and have seasons where shedding gets more intense. 

You should expect your kitty to shed particularly in the spring as it disposes of its thick undercoat. 

The second season is in the fall when it gets rid of the light summer coat and prepares the ground for the dense and warm winter coat. 

It would be wise of you to groom your furball during the high shedding season.

Otherwise, the cat will leave its fur everywhere in the house, adding to your cleaning efforts. 

Given that today most of the homes are air-conditioned, some cats may not be aware that a new season has come. As a result, they don't create a shedding schedule and shed continuously.

Siamese doesn't respect the two shedding seasons and they shed all year round. To help your feline get a sense of the current season, let it spend more time outside. 

Siamese enjoy being walked by their owners. You can take your puss-cat for a short walk every day to help it realize the change of season and start to shed naturally.

However, if they lack important vitamins, nutrients, and proteins (such as A, E, and B) in their cat diet then they can end up shedding abnormally. 

A cat owner should choose a cat’s diet that has high omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to maintain a healthy coat and reduces potential irritation.

Reducing Siamese Cat Shedding

There are some tools you can use to reduce your cat's shedding.

They won't make your Siamese friend shed less but just prevent the fur from lingering all over the house.

1. Brush

A brush is a crucial cat grooming piece of cat equipment, especially during the shedding season. You want to buy a brush suitable for short hair to make sure it deals with the tiniest bits of fur and dander. 

The best time to comb your Siamese cat is when it's calm and relaxed. Start with long and slow strokes against the direction the hair grows. It will help to collect as much fur as possible. Then perform strokes in the direction of the fur growth. 

Clean the brush after every couple of strokes to prevent knots.

Don't press the brush hard while trying to pick up more fur at once. Your Siamese buddy will not appreciate it and will get upset with you. 

Some cats may even scratch, bite and punch you for causing them suffering. Always go gently so that your cat associates the brushing with a relaxing massage. 

2. Grooming wipes

While they aren't as good as brushes at collecting chunks of fur, grooming wipes can be used after the brushing session to remove the tiniest pieces of hair left. 

Given their delicate and smooth surface, you can also use them to clean the sensitive areas on your feline's body.

3. Vacuum cleaner

Some cat owners use a cordless vacuum cleaner to collect the loose fur from their pets. However, your cat may refuse it because of the noise. If your feline is ok with the sound, turn on the lowest setting and slowly run the device across the body. 

Cats don't like to be touched on the belly and face since these are the most vulnerable parts of the body. They will be especially concerned about a vacuum cleaner touching their tummy. 

That being said, try to avoid these areas to prevent your cat from getting stressed and angry.

4. Lint roller hair remover

If your Siamese feline is in the shedding season, use some type of lint hair removal roller to pick up the traces of fur from the carpet, furniture, and clothes. Do this task every day to keep the amount of shedding spread around your house in check and prevent a total mess. 

If you have kids, it's also important to remove the shedding every day so that the fur can't accidentally end up in their mouths while they are playing on the carpet or sofa.

Siamese cat shed

Do Siamese Cats Shed A Lot? The Verdict

Shedding is a common process for any cat breed, and Siamese is not a case apart. 

While their short hair makes them shed less, Siamese cats can provoke allergic reactions in people.

So if your feline is in the shedding season, try to do your best to prevent the fur from traveling around your house. 

Use the brush, grooming wipes, and lint rollers often to eliminate any bit of shedding from furniture and clothes.

In this way, you will lower the risk of coming into contact with allergens and developing cat allergies or allergy symptoms. 

Just to add, the ideal choice, when lack of hair around the house is important, is a Sphynx, as they are a hairless cat you’ll get none at all!

About the author

Dexter Jones has been a solid member of the ‘Mad Cat Dad’ club since time began! Dexter has been a keen cat writer for many years and lives in Croatia. He lives with his two tabby cats, Milly & Marly, who also flew in from the UK to start their new Adriatic island life together.