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Best Cheap Litter Box (2024): Which To Pick And Where To Buy

Posted in: Cat Litter, Litter Box - Last Updated: January 8, 2024 - Author: Rebekah Carter
Posted in Cat Litter, Litter Box 
Last Updated: February 8, 2023  
Author:  Rebekah Carter

Today, we’re going to be reviewing and comparing some of the best budget litter box options for pet parents with limited cash. After all, not everyone can afford to spend hundreds of dollars on the most stylish, intelligent, and durable type of litter box.

cheap litter box

Finding the right budget litter box can be challenging. Just because you’re looking for something a little more affordable doesn’t mean you want to compromise on things like ease of use, space, and longevity. Many manufacturers produce fantastic budget litter box alternatives.

Fortunately, with so many different options on the market today, the good news is that you can remove your old litter box and still invest in an excellent litter tray, without spending a fortune.

With a little help from our own furry friend, we’ve scoured the web for the most attractive, resilient, and convenient boxes available.

Read on for the best litter boxes in this price range. 

Best Cheap Litter Box: Our Overall Choice

The Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan is a type of litter box designed for ALL cats. It is made to fit into the corner of a room, thus saving space, and is fully enclosed to contain litter and reduce odor. The design provides privacy for cats and helps contain litter and waste for easier cleanup. 

The enclosed design provides a secure and private space for cats to use the litter box, which can help reduce stress and increase their comfort.

The high sides of the pan also help contain litter and waste, preventing it from spilling onto the floor and making cleanup easier.

Top Cheap Litter Box: Overall, Premium, and Value

Choosing the ideal budget litter tray means finding a product that offers excellent value for money. A low-price solution shouldn’t compromise on essential features and functionality. With that in mind, we picked three top options for pet parents, focusing on affordability, style, and strength.

Our Top 3 Choices

Best Overall

Van Ness Pets Large Open High Sided Cat Litter Box, Blue, CP2HS

Van Ness Pets Large Open High-Sided Cat Litter Box

  • Lightweight and convenient design
  • High sides to minimize mess
  • Odor control and stain-resistant materials

Best Value

Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan, Silver, Large (CP9)

Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan

  • Space-saving design to fit in smaller rooms
  • The enclosed pan reduces scatter and smells
  • Replaceable carbon filter for odor prevention

Premium Choice

Petmate Open Cat Litter Box, Extra Large Nonstick Litter Pan Durable Standard Litter Box, Mouse Grey Great for Small & Large Cats Easy to Clean, Made in USA

Petmate Open Cat Litter Box

  • Wide base, exit, and large sides
  • Simple and convenient design
  • Easy to access for most cats

So that’s a quick overview for you! Now let’s take a deeper look at the best budget cat litter tray.

To start with, here' some more detail on those 3 best budget litter box picks.

1. Van Ness Pets Large Open High-Sided Cat Litter Box (Best Overall)

Van Ness Pets Large Open High Sided Cat Litter Box, Blue, CP2HS

Simple but effective, the Van Ness large open litter box is sure to appeal to a wide range of pet owners. 

This spacious litter tray provides your kitty with plenty of space to move around and dig freely, especially for large cats! 

Plus, the high sides offer your cat a little privacy, while also ensuring they don’t accidentally kick bits of litter out onto your floors. 

Made with resilient, high-performance plastic, this litter box is both odor and stain resistant.

As an added bonus, it’s relatively easy to clean, thanks to its open top, which makes accessing and removal of litter as straightforward as possible. 

The lightweight structure is even great for transportation.


  • Lightweight and convenient design
  • High sides to minimize mess
  • Odor control and stain-resistant materials
  • Relatively easy cleanup
  • Spacious for most larger cats


  • Limited color options
  • The entry point may be too high for kittens

2. Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan - (Best Premium)

Van Ness Corner Enclosed Cat Pan, Silver, Large (CP9)

If you have a slightly higher budget, but you still want an affordable litter box, the Van Ness corner tray could be ideal for you. 

This convenient product will easily fit into any corner of your room, so you can make the most of your available floor space.

Made with high-quality polypropylene, the product is built to last, and is resistant to common scrapes and scratches. 

Great for pet parents who want to avoid excess mess, the Van Ness enclosed litter box has its own hooded roof, which minimizes scatter. 

There’s also a door for keeping odors and dust from seeping out into your home, and a replaceable filter, to reduce unwanted smells. The odor and stain-resistant material are also very easy to clean, and the lid can be removed entirely whenever you like. 


  • Space-saving design to fit in smaller rooms
  • The enclosed pan reduces scatter and smells
  • Replaceable carbon filter for odor prevention
  • Highly polished odor and stain-resistant surface
  • Simple and modern design


  • Maybe a little small for big cat breeds
  • The entry point may be too high for young kittens

3. Petmate Open Cat Litter Box (Best Basic)

Petmate Open Cat Litter Box, Extra Large Nonstick Litter Pan Durable Standard Litter Box, Mouse Grey Great for Small & Large Cats Easy to Clean, Made in USA

Ideal for those in search of something both affordable and durable, the Petmate open cat litter box will suit the needs of most kitties. 

Available in a range of sizes, to suit all kinds of breeds, this easy-to-use tray provides ample space for your cat to do their business. 

The wide base and high sides help to keep messes contained within the pan. Plus, there’s a rim on all sides to make lifting and moving the tray a little easier.

The product is easy to clean, with no hoods or lids to remove. 

Additionally, it’s lightweight enough to work as a portable product if you’re looking for something to take with you on trips. 


  • Wide base, exit, and large sides
  • Simple and convenient design
  • Easy to access for most cats
  • Straightforward for cleaning
  • Good for transportation and portability


  • The litter tray may be narrower than expected
  • The plastic may have an unpleasant smell
best cheap litter box

Best Budget Litter Box: Alternative Picks

We selected the options above to appeal to a wide range of pet parents with different budgetary requirements. However, if you find the solutions above don’t work for you or your cat, there are still various great alternatives you can consider. Here are some of the other great products we discovered during our search.

4. IRIS USA Large Open Top Cat Litter Tray with Scoop and Scatter Shield

IRIS USA Open Top Cat Litter Tray with Scoop and Scatter Shield, Sturdy Easy to Clean Open Air Kitty Litter Pan with Tall Spray and Scatter Shield, Black/Clear

If you’re worried about having to clean up litter and messes around your cat’s bathroom box, this could be the product for you.

The open-air litter pan is ideal for a wide range of cats, particularly those who prefer to avoid enclosed spaces. It comes with a scatter shield to minimize mess, and reduce the risk of spraying outside of the litter tray. 

With various sizes and styles to choose from, including corner litter box options, this convenient tray is sure to appeal to a wide range of pet parents.

This large size box is made with high-quality, durable plastic, to ensure it can stand the test of time.

Plus, the tall walls can be removed to make cleaning a little more convenient. The product even comes with its own scoop.


  • Scatter shield to reduce the risk of mess
  • Numerous sizes and designs to choose from
  • Easy access for urine and solid waste cleanup
  • Durable, high-quality plastics


  • The pan may be a little too short for some cats
  • The corners might be difficult to clean

5. Kitty Litter Box Starter Kit

Kitty Litter Box Starter Kit - Small Cat Litter Pan Without Lid, Litter Mat, Scoop and Bowl for Kitten Within 3 Months (PinkScoop Set)

The ideal all-in-one option for new pet parents, this Kitty Litter box starter kit comes with everything you need to welcome a kitten into your home. 

Alongside a simple cat litter tray, available in a range of colors, you’ll also get a convenient scoop, a litter tray mat (for reducing tracking), and a food/water bowl. 

The affordable collection was specifically designed for kittens. 

The durable plastics throughout the kit were chosen with longevity in mind, although you’re likely to only use this product while your kitten is still growing.

The paw-print matt included, however, can continue to provide excellent value for years, reducing messes around the litter tray.


  • Durable and non-toxic materials throughout
  • Complete collection of cat accessories
  • Highly accessible for young kittens
  • Easy to clean with water and soap


  • Only suitable for young kittens
  • The accessories may be a little basic

6. Kitty Sift (6-Pack) Disposable Cat Litter Box

Kitty Sift (6-Pack) Disposable Cat Litter Box, Sustainable, Clean - Large, 6-Pack

Great for emergencies, litter training, and travel, the Kitty Sift 6-pack of disposable litter trays could be ideal for families on a budget. 

Made with cardboard, these eco-friendly products are intended for one-time use, so you can simply throw the entire tray away when you’re done with it.

There are various size options available, and the economical design helps to keep litter fresh and dry. 

Water-resistant materials used throughout the trays help to minimize leaks. Additionally, the products can also be used as a liner within other litter trays.

If you’re looking for a great way to keep your home clean and hygienic, this could be the best option for you.


  • Eco-friendly and recycled materials
  • Pack of six for better value
  • Water-resistant to minimize leaks
  • Versatile enough for a range of scenarios


  • Not particularly long-lasting
  • Maybe a little too small for some cats
Budget litter box

Cheap Litter Box Buyers Guide

Choosing the ideal budget-friendly litter box can be a complex process for pet parents. You’ll need to consider your kitty’s needs carefully, as well as your budget. 

After all, even the cheapest tray won’t be much good if your feline friend refuses to use it. The good news is there are various different styles and designs for users to explore, including:

  • Enclosed boxes: Enclosed litter trays are a good option for minimizing mess and odors. They help to keep any unwanted smells locked inside the tray until you have a chance to clean everything away. Enclosed boxes can also be popular among cats looking for a more private bathroom experience. They can make cats feel comfortable and safe.
  • High walls: For cats who prefer an open-air litter tray, a box with higher walls is often a good choice. The high walls will reduce the risk of spray and mess, so you can avoid having to clean up around the litter tray every time your cat uses it.
  • Kitten-focused: Kitten-focused litter trays are usually designed to be smaller and simpler. They provide plenty of easy access points for your young cat, to ensure they feel comfortable jumping in and using the tray. However, these items are only intended for use during kittenhood, which could mean they lose their value quite quickly.
  • Disposable: For pet parents who hate having smelly litter trays around the house, disposable options can be ideal. They allow you to throw the litter and the tray away at once and start fresh with a more hygienic alternative. However, they can often be a lot less durable than their long-lasting counterparts. 
  • Odor-controlled: Odor-controlled litter boxes come with additional features intended to minimize smells. They may have a hood on top to keep smells locked into one place. They could also feature filters which help to reduce ammonia. Most are relatively easy to clean too, so you can keep your home hygienic.

What Makes a Litter Box Budget Friendly?

If you’re searching for a budget-friendly litter box, the most important thing to consider will usually be the price. A budget-friendly litter box should be affordable, based on your available resources.

However, there are other points to consider too. 

For instance, sometimes, the cheapest litter box, even if it matches your budget, might not be ideal for your cat. 

You’ll need to ensure the product you choose is good value, which means the functionality and design are well worth the price. 

A good budget-friendly litter box should be designed carefully to match your needs, both in terms of shape and performance.

Additionally, it’s worth making sure you know the preferences of your cat before you start searching for options. Remember, some cats prefer open-top or open-air litter trays, while others like the privacy offered by an enclosed space. 

You’ll also need to think about the durability of the product, and the materials used. If a solution isn’t strong enough, you could have to replace it frequently, which means you’ll end up using more of your budget. 


What is the best material for a budget cat litter box?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Most of the time, plastic or polypropylene will be a good option for budget-friendly litter trays. These materials are affordable, robust, and usually relatively easy to clean. However, you may prefer cardboard if you’re looking for a disposable tray. 

How big should a litter box be for my cat?

Ensuring your litter box is the right size for your cat is essential if you want them to actually use the tray. You’ll need to ensure there’s enough space for your kitty to move around freely. This means the tray should usually be around one and a half times the length of your cat, from the base of its tail to its nose. 

What is the best shape for a budget litter box?

Again, the answer to this question really depends on your preferences. If you need a space-saving option, it might be worth looking for a corner litter tray. Other pet owners might prefer hooded litter trays or large open-air options. 

What is the best type of litter to use in a budget litter box?

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing the right litter. Some boxes will come with recommendations on the kind of litter you should use. However, most will work perfectly with various forms of wood, clay, and silicone litter. 

Cheap litter boxes

Cheap Litter Box: The Verdict

Whilst not at the Litter-Robot automatic box budget level, a budget-friendly litter box should provide your kitty with a comfortable and durable place to go to the bathroom. 

While it’s important to choose something affordable, you’ll also need to ensure your product will stand the test of time, and be relatively easy to clean. 

Our favorite pick from today’s list is the Van Ness Pets large high-sided litter tray. The high sides help to reduce mess and litter scatter. 

Plus, the odor and stain-resistant plastic are relatively easy to clean. The lightweight design even means you can take the product with you on the move.

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