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The Biggest House Cat in the World Loves His Little Brothers

Meet Ludo, a three year old Maine Coon who is not only the Biggest Maine Coon in the world, he is also the biggest house cat.


Ludo lives in Wakefield in the UK and he was the biggest kitten in his litter and before his first birthday he was an incredible 20┬Żlbs, but he still had a lot of growing to do. He loves his family very much, especially his two brothers and he spends a lot of his time watching over them.

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On October 6th 2015, he was measured by the Guinness World Records at 118.33cm (3 ft 10.59 inch) and was crowned to be the World’s longest domestic cat. Ludo has grown even bigger since then and currently weighs about 34lbs, so he’s likely to have grown a bit longer since he was measured.


Ludo has a big heart for his humans that’s for sure. He loves watching over and protecting his tiny 9lb brother, Ryan. As a kitten, he was very protective of his little brother Cameron and was always by his side. The two became inseparable friends.

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“Thick as thieves, Ludo is always at his side.”


Their mother says: “He’s so gentle he’s a big softy he’s like a big teddy bear, very chilled personality.” When Cameron wasn’t feeling well, Ludo stayed on his bed and kept him company the whole time.


As Cameron grew bigger, so did Ludo. “He enjoys being near by with both our boys it’s like he’s watching out for them.” 

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This gentle giant is definitely the king of the house!


You can see more of Ludo on Facebook and Instagram

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( h/t: Iizcat/Lovemeow )

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