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Police Department Allows People To Pay Off Their Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food

I’ve never really understood how people can abandon their pets. I realize that in some cases that it’s necessary but even so, whenever I visit our local shelter and see all the animals waiting to find their forever homes it really pulls at my heart strings. Fortunately, there are many people that care and dedicate their lives to looking after these abandoned and homeless creatures. One such example is the Muncie Animal Care & Services in Indiana, who help people adopt new pets and help find abandoned animals new homes.


Recently, they teamed up with the local police force as the shelter was starting to get overrun with cats and kittens. Instead of paying off their parking tickets with money, the police encouraged people to donate to the shelter to try and help them deal with all the chaos.

And of course they used social media to promote this worthy cause:


The police even said that those who are unable to drop the items off at the shelter or the police department may call a number and they would send a uniformed officer come over to pick up the donated items.



Although this offer was for a limited time and is now over, it’s a good initiative to help out shelters in need while encouraging people to donate. People on social media applauded this effort and hoped that more towns and cities would take up this initiative. Well, maybe someday!


You can find out more about the Muncie Animal Care & Services here

All images @Muncie Animal Care & Services


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