12 Adorable Photos Of Cat Dads And Their Kitties

It used to be said that women love cats and men love dogs – a stereotype that had been around for decades. So much so that if a woman prefers dogs, or a man that loves cats, well, they must have some major gender issues.

Today though, thankfully, this is no longer the case and men are happy to share their love of cats on social media and not be recriminated for it.

“Cat Dads” are on the rise, a man who earns a cat’s love is said to understand and appreciate a woman’s love. They are sensitive, deep and caring, and much more fanciable than those adventurous dog type guys.

If you’re not sure what we mean then take a look at this adorable photo-set of cute cats and their dads and judge for yourself.

No matter what side of the fence you stand on in the great cat/dog divide, there’s something about seeing a man and his cat sharing a moment together that is oh-so-appealing.

1. This Picture Was Taken Before Chip Died. His Cat Dad Took Him Out One Last Time To Enjoy What He Loved


2. Rolled Over One Morning To See The Cutest Thing Ever


3. My Boyfriend Works From Home, But Our Kitten Insists On Being Held Multiple Times Throughout The Day


4. My Dad Found A Kitten Who Prefers Sleeping Like This Crying Outside A Couple Days Ago


5. My Dad Has Achieved 100% Cat Relaxation


6. My Dad Fixing The Pool. His Cat Likes To Help. He Would Tell You Otherwise, But He Loves That Cat


7. My Boyfriend Is Comforting Our Cat, He Had A Rough Day


8. How My 20-Year-Old Cat And 70-Year-Old Father Spend Their Evenings


9. “One Of My Favorite Photos From Way Back When I Was A Kitten Backpacking With My Dad”


10. “Dad’s A Heat Radiator So We Love To Snuggle With Him”


11. Here’s An Outtake From Our Bathroom Shoot The Other Day


12. My Emotional Support Animal


Source: boredpanda

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