12 Hilarious Pictures That Prove Cats Just Don’t Care!

I’ve come to the conclusion that as long as they have a nice place to sleep and get regularly fed that cats really couldn’t care less about anything.

Here’s 12 hilarious pictures that totally prove this fact!

Cats just DON’T care!

1. Oh, did you want to work here?


2. The lazy cat.

dont care 2

3. Indifferent to your suffering!

dont care 3

4. Wherever the baby sleeps, I sleep too!

dont care 4

5. Really doesn’t give a…….

dont care 5

6. If I fits, I sits!

dont care 6

7. Looks like your going to be late for work again….

dont care 7

8. The unresponsive kitty.

dont care 8

9. The hard-hearted cat.

dont care 9

10. Do we look bothered?

dont care 10

11. The nonchalant cat.

dont care 11

12. And finally…….

dont care 12

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