16 Hilarious Pictures of Cats Making Weird Faces

In my experience cats are usually the height of calm, their demeanour is one of indifference, but when they unexpectedly get caught on camera this is not the case and the result is highly comical.

So take a look at these 16 hilarious pictures of cats making weird faces because they will definitely put a smile on your face!

1. When you tell them you’ve got a puppy

weird 1

2. I work in an office and I’m very serious

weird 2

3. This kitty has just seen a ghost!

weird 3

4. The I’m cheeky and mischevious look

weird 4

5. The bad selfie

weird 5

6. I am about to sneeze…

weird 6

7. When the catnip arrives

weird 7

8. The I don’t like you look

weird 8

9. When the cat hears a tin being opened

weird 9

10. The long stare

weird 10

11. The first time your cat sees you naked!

weird 11

12. I plan to destroy the world..

weird 14

13. The I don’t like that food look

weird 13

14. When they try to laugh at your bad jokes

weird 12

15. When they try to sneak pass a group of large dogs..

weird 15

16. And finally, when you say that you love them very much..

weird 16

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