20 Cats That Have No Idea How Spoiled They Are

Posted in Cat Pictures - On: July 11, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Pictures 
Last Updated: November 28, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

If you are someone that has had a cat in their life for many years, you will know that they are at their happiest when they’re being totally and completely spoiled by you.

After all, in their opinion, they’re royalty and we are merely one of their many admiring fans.

In fact, our feline companions tend to dominate the household and have us running around doing whatever it is they want us to do.

Even when they’ve been up to mischief, destroying furniture, stealing food, or generally bringing chaos into our lives. We still allow them to get away with it all because we unconditionally love them.

We will do anything for them and in return they make us happy. And you know, they don’t realise they’re being spoiled, for them it’s just another normal day.

Scroll down to see that these cats are totally unaware of how spoiled they are, but they certainly know who is the boss of the house!

1. When the queen demands to play with the ceiling dangles, she gets to play with the ceiling dangles.


2. “I stopped petting her and this is what I got.”


3. Mom: “So don’t tell dad… but [stage whisper] this pillow for Bob was €70…”


4. “DIY’ed a tower for my cats from Amazon boxes. I think they enjoy it!”


5. “Spoiled cat doesn’t leave me alone until I put on her show. She really loves bird and fish shows on YouTube.”


6. “Have you ever seen a more spoiled cat? We just moved into our new place and he has more toys than we have furniture.”


7. “Wife says the cat is spoiled. I have no idea what she’s talking about.”


8. “It’s my birthday, but my gift was for my cats. Spoiled creatures.”


9. “She likes to watch the garbage men, but can’t see out by herself.”


10. “My cat got a couch before I did.”


11. “You know your cat is spoiled when he refuses to eat his food in the kitchen and will only chow down where I’m eating too.”


12. “She fell between my legs, trapping me for hours.”


13. “The most spoiled cat on the planet is the one who meowed at me until I laid out and turned on the electric throw. And then she promptly stole my spot.”


14. “My cat, Indigo, sometimes jumps in the sink as an attempt to beg me to turn it on. He enjoys water out of the sink more than water out of the bowl.”


15. “I made a gazebo for my cat!”


16. “My boyfriend spent 3 months on a heated outdoor cat house for my guy. Hasn’t stepped into it once.” 


17. “After I stopped him from chewing on pencils, he decided he’d had enough of it and laid down on top of my book and pencils”


18. “I have to pet him before I can go to the toilet. Every. Single. Time.”


19. “I knew the cat was spoiled, but my mom just put a spoon of red caviar into his bowl, he ‘dug’ the bowl like he was covering it up, and walked away.”


20. “Today I spent an hour fixing Newton’s favorite toys. He hasn’t played with either since.”


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