24 Great Pictures of Cats Pretending to be Penguins!

Penguins are cute! Did you know that they mostly live below the equator? Although some of them can be found in warmer climates, most penguins live in and around Antarctica. And as you can imagine this isn’t really a place that you will find cats!

Even so, this doesn’t seem to stop our feline friends being influenced by them, almost to the point where we think even they believe they are penguins.

So what is it that makes our kitties behave in this way. A feline behaviour expert, Dr. Koski, reminds us that cats are incredibly agile and flexible: “One of the reasons for this flexibility is their spine; it acts almost like a spring so that they can crouch and leap long distances, or twist their bodies around much more than most mammals.”

Because of their agility, most cats find it easy to stand on their back legs using their tails for balance and in some cases cats without tales can also manage to be a penguin-like.

There are of course good reasons why cats want to stand on their back legs: “First, standing up gives them a little bit of a boost in their view from a different height or angle; cats are curious by nature, so when they hear a noise or see something from a distance they might want to get a better look at, they will sometimes stand on their hind legs to get a better look.”

Another reason is that this can help a cat look larger, often used to intimidate or fake-out aggressors and predators. “It’s better to scare an opponent off than have to fight them. They may stand up on their hind legs, stand sideways on all fours, arch their back, and fluff out the fur on their bodies (called piloerection), all in an effort to tell an opponent ‘you don’t want to mess with me’,” explains Koski.

“Lastly, cats will stand on their hind legs for treats, petting, or attention when they want something. I personally think they know how cute they look when they do this, since my cats never fail to get rewarded when they perform this action with me (they’ve got me trained very well).”

So take a look at this great collection of pictures compiled by Bored Panda, we will not always know the reason why these kitties are standing on their back legs – but what we do know is that they all look incredibly cute.

1. penguin-1

2. penguin-2

3. penguin-3

4. penguin-4

5. penguin-5

6. penguin-6

7. penguin-7

8. penguin-8

9. penguin-9

10. penguin-10

11. penguin-11

12. penguin-12

13. penguin-13

14. penguin-14

15. penguin-15

16. penguin-16

17. penguin-17

18. penguin-18

19. penguin-19

20. penguin-20


22. penguin-22

23. penguin-23

24. penguin-24

Source: boredpanda

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