Audree the Bengal with Her Hedgehog Best Friend Lives a Life Full of Adventure

Have you ever seen a cuter couple than these two?

Just seeing this gorgeous Bengal kitty and adorable hedgehog together makes my heart sing.

And when you see what they get up to together on their adventures all over the world I think you’ll agree that these two make a paw-some couple.

Scroll down and check out all their epic trips and their endless cuteness.


Audree the Bengal and Herbee the hedgehog seem like an unlikely couple but the pair have an unbreakable bond and along with their human go on many adventures around the world.


Thanks to their human Talitha Girnus, a keen photographer, their adventures are captured on camera and shared with everyone via social media. She often takes them on her trips and creates beautiful portraits of them posing against mountain backdrops and among fields of wildflowers.




“A few months after I adopted Herbee from a girl who couldn’t keep him due to severe allergic reactions, I adopted Audree. She was three months old when I got her and she was originally already reserved for someone who wanted to breed with her. But the lady canceled on her two days before I called,” explains Talitha.



She believed that a Bengal would be a good fit for Herbee as they tend to get on well with other pets. And she wasn’t wrong.


They immediately became friends and now they’re inseparable! Wherever Herbee goes, Audree goes. She lays down on spots where he was, they sometimes even snuggle and play together. Audree is now almost one year old!


“They eat together at night, sometimes from the same bowl,” says Talitha. “Audree likes Herbee’s food better than her own even though they eat the same food (except for Herbee’s insects). Audree is allowed in Herbee’s cage and sleeps there sometimes or just watches him. Herbee bit Audree once and she wasn’t hurt but meowed and left—it never happened again.”


Talitha first started posting on Instagram under the name @mr.pokee, a little hedgehog that sadly crossed the rainbow bridge shortly before his fourth birthday, and now his spirit lives on through Herbee and Audrey.


“Between all the serious things happening in the world every day, Pokee and now also Herbee and Audree are here to give you a reason to be happy and smile,” says Talitha. “Whenever you return to our page, we want to remind you to never lose faith and always follow your heart.”



And people do return to their page! They now have a whopping 1.8 million followers who go back again and again to look at the amazing adventures of this adorable pair.


You can see more of this delightful couple on Instagram

Source: catsmylife

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