Meet Two Russian Blue Cats With The Most Mesmerizing Eyes

If the phrase “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” is true, then here are two of the most beautiful souls you‘ve ever seen.
Meet Xafi and Auri!


Because of their looks, these adorable “American Blue” Russian Blue cats have been kicking up a storm on social media and have amassed a following of over 122k on Instagram.


They may be mistaken for twins but in fact Xafi is a year older than her sister Auri. Their fans may be confused but their Uk based parents, Annaken and Tim, have learned to tell them apart. “Auri has a rounder face, wider ears, and slightly darker fur. Xafi has a more angular face with slightly taller ears. Their “Meow” is also distinctly different as is the way they both move and act. Auri also looks a lot more muscular and toned even though they are exactly the same weight: 3.5kg,” the couple explained.




Even though they look alike, the similarity ends there: “Xafi is human-oriented where Auri is independent. Auri is athletic where Xafi is clumsy. Xafi is loudly demanding when wanting cuddles whereas Auri asks in a very gentle and quiet way to get a fuss. But both are just the most loving and sweet girls I’ve ever known,” says Anneken.




“It took me quite a while to develop the skills to photograph cats. Capturing photos of the two together is very challenging. We use treats and toys to try and get them to pose and look into the camera. I do less and less of those types of photos now – I prefer capturing them in their natural environment now just doing their cat-things,” Anneken told Bored Panda.






Before long, there was a new addition to the family. Errol, a Somali cat, is described as a “purring, meowing eating machine with endless energy and slobbery tendencies,” he has his own Instagram account and is also a rising star on social media.


I think Xafi and Auri will continue to steal the hearts of whoever sees them – they’ve already got mine!



You can see more of Xafi and Auri on Instagram

Source: boredpanda

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