Ugly Christmas Sweaters? I Don’t Think So!

The ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater has become a ‘thing’ over the last few years. Ironic, funny or just what the youngsters call a ‘meme’. Some call them ‘ugly’ and some call them ‘bad’, but I just think they’re a lot of fun at this festive time of year.

Whatever the reason, they have become very successful and much loved by all ages.


Luckily for us, our super busy T-Shirt designer has also caught the bug and couldn’t stop herself from designing a range of Christmas sweaters just for us cat lovers.


Now, I know you’ll agree that these could not possibly be ugly because they’re all about cats and how much we love them – and, of course, there’s probably not a single person reading this that could ever use the word ‘ugly’ in a sentence about cats.


So, I’m just going to call these our Kitty Christmas sweaters.


Now, I need to tell you that time is short.


Place your order now to ensure they arrive before Christmas.


How can you resist? I know that I’ll be wearing mine.


All our shirts are made and printed in the USA and are shipped by our manufacturer – Sunfrog.


They offer a full money back guarantee with no questions asked if you’re not 100% satisfied, but since we began selling our range of shirts we haven’t had a single return – I think we’re doing something right!

Click here to see all our  Kitty Christmas Shirts and Sweaters

If these are floating your boat then grab one for a very Happy Kitty Christmas – and remember, time is short so don’t delay and order today!

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