Amazing Cat Nurses Sick Animals at Polish Animal Shelter


polish cat 5

Radamenes, a little black cat from Poland, was at death’s door with a serious upper respiratory infection when he was taken to a local animal shelter. It was thought that the best course of action would be to put Radamenes down but when the vet heard that he was purring she decided instead to treat him and he was soon on the road to recovery.

polish cat

Once Radamenes regained his strength, who by now was a permanent fixture at the animal shelter, he returned the favour by spending time with the other animals at the centre. He was especially attentive to the animals that where convalescing from serious operations and wounds. The staff there noticed that he was giving them cuddles, massaging them and sometimes even giving them a good clean!

polish cat 3

This has now earned him the nickname ‘Nurse-cat’ and he has become a lucky mascot at the animal shelter. It has made him a local ‘attraction’ and people have begun visiting him at the shelter for good luck.

polish cat 2

It just goes to show that after all, black cats are lucky! Way to go Radamenes!

polish cat 4

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