Royal Purr-suits: The Regal Residents of Cupboard Maker Book Store

Posted in Cat Stories - On: February 7, 2024 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: February 7, 2024  
Author:  Jan Travell

Introducing the charming trio of feline residents at the Cupboard Maker Book Store - Mouse, Odin, and Annika.

bookstore 15

This unique bookstore in Enola, PA, USA, transcends the conventional realm of bookshelves and cats.

bookstore 2

 For Mouse and Annika, it's a cherished forever home, while for others, it serves as a warm and welcoming foster haven.

bookstore 17

The bookstore decided to partner up with local volunteers and charities like Castaway Cats to give kitties in need the chance of a better life.

bookstore 16

For those who revel in both literature and feline company, this spot is an absolute haven.

Here, you can leisurely peruse the book collection, forge connections with furry companions, and even find a furry friend to adopt!

bookstore 11

Amongst these captivating cats, Annika holds the position of a true queen.

bookstore 3

It's only natural that she doesn't partake in full-time duties, for her regal demeanor is nothing short of majestic.

It would be inappropriate for her to think of herself as equals with the staff, after all!

bookstore 6

Don't let Annika's royal presence intimidate you, as beneath her majestic exterior lies a gentle soul with a penchant for delectable treats.

Simply show kindness, and you'll quickly win her favor.

bookstore 4

Mouse, on the other hand, is a royal figure himself, proudly going by the title of Prince Fluffytail.

Born amidst the bookshelves, he governs with a paw as soft as his own luxurious fur.

bookstore 19

In any royal court, there's always room for a rebel who challenges the norms of the palace, and that role falls to Mouse.

In fact, he was born amidst the books so considers every one of them his own!

bookstore 1

 With dreams of exploration and artistry, he breaks free from conventional expectations.

Despite his creative spirit, Mouse is far from being introverted; he welcomes endless cuddles from visitors.

bookstore 7

A true bookworm since kittenhood, Mouse has immersed himself in countless books, even trying his hand at writing a few.

Remarkably, three of his works have been published, though he had some human assistance in typing them out!

bookstore 11

Lately, he's developed an interest in painting, expanding his artistic horizons beyond the written word.

Who knows, perhaps his artwork will someday adorn the bookstore's ceiling, attracting tourists in numbers reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel!

bookstore 8

Mouse can often be found perched on ladders, possibly envisioning the painted ceiling in his creative mind.

bookstore 9

Odin, with his divine name, might consider himself a celestial overseer, intervening in mortal matters only when it aligns with his celestial designs.

He relishes listening to messages from his adoring followers and treasures the tributes they offer.

bookstore 12

Odin takes it upon himself to patrol the bookstore's aisles, ensuring that everything is in its proper place.

bookstore 13

The Cupboard Maker Book Store is undoubtedly a haven for book lovers and feline enthusiasts alike.

bookstore 14

 These endearing furry companions are fortunate to have found themselves in the care of the bookstore's feline monarchs, until the day their human companions arrive to take them to their own kingdoms.

bookstore 18

So, while you might be paying a visit to the store to buy a book – there's a good chance that you'll come out with a cat! 

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