Kitten With Bent Paw Has a Lot to Say About Being Rescued

Posted in Cat Stories - Last Updated: March 2, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: March 2, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

A stray kitten was rescued from the street and taken to San Jose Animal Care and Control.

She had a limping front leg and was in need of care, so the shelter volunteers got in touch with someone at Saving Grace Rescue to see if they could help.


Amber Rose, who is the founder of Saving Grace Rescue, immediately arranged transport to get the kitten into a loving foster home.

“Since the moment she arrived in my car, she’s been very vocal,” said Joyce, her foster parent.


Joyce named the kitten Dash and took her to see the vet.

After being examined they discovered that her wrist had suffered an avulsion that had damaged her radial and ulnar nerves, this was causing numbness in her wrist.

“Amazingly, function is returning to the leg. It doesn’t stop her from getting on counters and stealing all the food. And she tells you all about it.”


They soon realized that Dash loves a long conversation, she purred all the way through her examination.

She always makes sure she is near her humans at all times and is vocal about what she wants, she doesn’t take no for an answer.


“She demands cuddles. If we are eating, she wants to sit on one of our laps. She follows whoever is home, talks and demands attention from us,” Joyce said.


As it turns out, little Dash is half the size of a kitten her age, but she makes up for it with her big voice and even bigger personality.

Even though she has a slightly bent paw, she can walk and run around and climb things like a pro.

“She has no problem chasing her big foster brother, Hector the cat, up and down the stairs,” explained Joyce.

“Dash loves her foster dad, especially when he is sitting on a chair, and she demands cuddles.”


“She is the loudest ball of fur we’ve ever had!” She added.

Check out her progress in this video:

After a few weeks in foster care with Joyce, Dash is ready for the next chapter in her life and will be up for adoption. Her leg has improved significantly, and of course she has a lot to say every day.

Find out more about Saving Grace Rescue on their Facebook page


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