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Lonely Stray Cat With a Big Heart on His Chest Finds a Loving Home in Time For Valentine’s Day

A lonely stray cat with a big heart on his chest has found a loving new home in time for Valentine’s Day. Meet Tommy Tucker!

tommy tucker

Little Tommy Tucker was found singing for his supper outside an estate agents’ office before staff took pity on the kitten.
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He was crying so loudly that the staff decided to feed him and he soon started returning every day for his dinner in Rochester, Kent. After staff at the office gained his trust, they contacted Animals Lost And Found in Kent who visited the office to perform a microchip check on the dirty and flea-riddled cat.

The check revealed that he did not have a chip and but because he was too small and vulnerable to be left out on his own, the lucky feline was taken in by Kent animal rescue charity Anim-Mates. He was given a new home by fosterer Bobbie Bajwa, who said: “After a week in our care his stomach settled and he put on weight. This little boy is extremely affectionate and gentle and could be a perfect family pet. We think he is only about six months old.”

Bobbie explained: “He loves being picked up and cuddled. He purrs non-stop. He has finally found love and can’t get enough of it. We have to keep a stray for a minimum of a month in case an owner comes forward, but in Tommy Tucker’s case all attempts to find his owner were unsuccessful.”

Little Tommy Tucker who wears his heart on his chest has now found his forever home, just in time for Valentine’s day.
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