Man Stops Traffic on Busy Highway to Save a Tiny Kitten

When everyone else drove straight by, a young man on a moped stopped the traffic to save a tiny kitten.


When Kevin (Kwok Kin Wai) was driving his moped by Lion Rock Tunnel in Hong Kong, when he spotted a tiny kitten that had frozen in fear on the middle of the road.

He knew he had to stop and help as everyone else was driving straight by and he was sure that the kitten would not be able to survive much longer.


He pulled his scooter over on the side of this very busy road, and signalled to the oncoming vehicles to slow down to give him a chance to rescue the kitten.

He then gently picked up the tiny ginger kitten and rushed back to his bike.

Kevin had sent out a post on Facebook, with the hope of finding the kitten’s rightful owner.

No one came forward to claim the kitten, so Kevin got in touch with a volunteer from a local rescue group to help foster the kitten and give him the medical attention he needed.


Kevin has never had a cat before but he believes that it is fate that brought them together.

“After discussing with the family, we would like to adopt the kitten and let our fate continue on,” Kevin said. “The kitten is named Lion because he was found by the tunnel at Lion Rock.”


Here’s Kevin meeting with the volunteer that found little Lion a foster home.


Little Lion is still in foster care while Kevin gets his home renovated and kitty proofed. Soon they will officially welcome their new addition to their family.

Little Lion is doing well in his foster home and gets cuter by the day!

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