Midge & Beatrix Love to Fight But are Really the Best of Furr-iends

Meet Midge the cat and her best friend Beatrix the Burmese mountain dog!

midge 1

They first met when their human mama, Bambi Edlund, rescued Midge as a kitten and the pair have been best of friends ever since. Bambi explains: “It took all of two days for her and Bea to start their ongoing boxing match/gong show, and I even managed to catch the very first blow of round one on video.”

midge 2

Fortunately, neither of the pair have ever hurt each other during their daily bouts, and since that first video was posted on Instagram they have amassed more than 21,000 followers.

midge 3

Even though Beatrix is several times bigger than Midge, this high-spirited kitty refuses to let her size be a disadvantage in their regular ‘pawboxing’ contests.

midge 4

When they are not play-fighting they are never far from each others side.

midge 5

They even take their naps together…

midge 6

Here they are chilling out on the sofa

midge 7

Time for a lovely kitty stretch

midge 8

Beatrix was so pleased when Midge decided to join her in the snow!

midge 9

“It wasn’t us that ripped up the paper – honest!”

midge 10

Midge is no scaredy cat when it comes to big dogs, here she is with Bea’s cousin…

midge 11

If I fits…I sits!

midge 12

Here she is as a kitten when she was all whiskers!

midge 13

It’s such a lovely sight when we see two of our furry friends getting on so well

midge 14

Watch the video:

You can see more of Midge & Beatrix on Instagram and Facebook

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