Rescue Cats Given Hilarious Personalities To Help Them Get Adopted

Posted in Cat Stories - On: February 23, 2017 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: February 14, 2019  
Author:  Jan Travell

Jeff Wysaski is a comedian with a difference. He has created an ongoing project called Obvious Plant where he sneaks funny signs in every day life.

This gave him the idea to create humorous description tags for the cats in his local animal shelter in a bid to help re-home them. Jeff explains: “Every year, 2.7 million cats go unadopted. To help out my local adoption center in Los Angeles, I stealthily placed these cat biography cards on their front window. All of these cats are real and need a home!”

cat cards 1

He has given adoptable cats some interesting likes and dislikes at the Sante D’Or Adoption Center, Los Angeles, let’s hope it has the desired effect and these kitties soon find new homes.

Meet 16 of the cats that are up for adoption:

1. Gus

cat cards 2

2. Camille

cat cards 3

3. Honey

cat cards 4

4. Delores

cat cards 5

5. Choccy

cat cards 6

6. Sylvia

cat cards 7

7. Zeta

cat cards 8

8. Mishka

cat cards 9

9. Leche

cat cards 10

10. Sabina

cat cards 11

11. Guinevere

cat cards 12

12. Grace

cat cards 13

13. Obi

cat cards 14

14. Troy

cat cards 15

15. Dinky

cat cards 16

16. Lola

cat cards 17

All images @obviousplant

Find out more about Sante D’Or Adoption Center

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