Sisters From Another Mother Find Forever Home Together

Posted in Cat Stories - On: March 8, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Stories 
Last Updated: March 10, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Say hello to the Trio Fantastico: Tess, Bessie and Uno!

They all came from different litters, but soon became BFFs and found a furr-ever home together.

All three were rescued and then cared for by Marlena and Aimee from Be Their Voice Animal Rescue (BTV), a nonprofit organization from Atlanta, GA.

Here's a photo of the three of them all living a great life together, but their stories didn't start out this way...

3 cats

The lives of these three kittens started out in different litters and each had a tough journey.

Let's look at them in turn.

Tess's Story - The Car Kittens

Tess was about 3 weeks old when she arrived at BTV. She was from a litter of 5 kittens that had been found in a box on the side of the road.

They named them the “Car Kittens”, and each sibling was named after a car: Tesla (Tess), Lexus (Lexis), Beemer, Chevy and Ford.

car kittens

"The kittens all had terrible urine scald from sitting in their urine, or just having it on their skin for a prolonged period," explained Aimee, the rescue's COO, to We Love Cats and Kittens.

"Young kittens are unable to potty on their own – they need stimulating. Mom cat would normally stimulate them and clean them up, but without a mom cat to help them, they were in bad shape."

car kittens foster mom

All of the kittens had fleas so they were given much needed baths, with extra care taken for their burned behinds.

Once the healing began and they started to feel better, Aimee discovered Tess was an adorable little tabby, a friend to all and sweet as can be.


Bessie's Story - The Farm Kittens

Bessie arrived with her siblings at BTV after a man came across some screaming, crying babies on his farm.

"He waited around to see if mama cat would come back," said Aimee. "But he never saw her... but he did see coyotes."

So, he scooped up Bessie and her siblings (Duckie & Charlotte – collectively the “Farm Kittens”) to get them safe and warm inside.

"He knew he was out of his league with bottle babies, so he reached out to BTV on Facebook Messenger and thankfully, we were able to step in and help." 

car farm kittens

The trio were about 3 weeks old, had fleas and were frantic about feeding! It took a while for Bessie to relax and accept that she was now safe with plenty of food.

Aimee recalls: “Bessie was a little live wire when she was itty bitty, but she turned into the sweetest snuggly kitten."

”She would reach up on her back legs, begging to be held,” adds Aimee. This small kitten had a big personality, and Aimee noted that she had a heart on her paw!


So that was two of the kittens now in safe hands at BTV, but there was soon going to be another to join the gang.

Uno's Story - The Abandoned Kitten

Little Uno had a pretty distressing life until she was rescued.

She was born outside to a feral mama, but then she was separated from her mom far too early when a kind couple thought they were doing the right thing by rescuing her.


We spoke to Marlena, the president of BTV, who explained Uno's sad situation: 

"The couple stated they intended to trap the mom but she had moved all the babies… Uno had been with them for WEEKS… in their bathroom, alone, starving (they thought they were feeding her enough), and crying."

uno 4

A friend of theirs reached out to Marlena for help when she heard the couple had decided they couldn't keep her anymore due to her incessant crying.

"I picked her up that night," Marlena shared with We Love Cats and Kittens.

"She was 4-5 weeks old based on her teeth and physical features and she only weighed 0.8lb, where she should weigh 1.25lb. She was filthy and I could feel every bone in her body."

uno 2

Even though the couple thought they were doing the right thing, Uno would have been better off on the street with her mother.

The whole experience had it's effect and she suffered from single-kitten syndrome, and poor little Uno would panic cry whenever she was left alone.

uno 1

Once in Marlena's care, little Uno was doing much better but she still required socialization to help her learn how to be a kitten. 

Marlena told us: "From day one she has been a sassy, strong survivor! Her will to live is unmatched and incredible to experience! I am so grateful I had the opportunity to rescue her!"

kittens 1

The 'Trio Fantastico' - The Meet Cute!

So, now, all three of these kittens from other mothers were in the care of BTV but they hadn't yet met each other.

That was about to change!

Uno was put in with the Car Kittens and Farm Kittens and she had the best time with so many new friends!

And that's when she met Tess!

The pair instantly hit it off, as if they had always been littermates.

uno and tess 2

It was lovely to see all the kittens getting on so well, helping each other after having such a difficult start in life.

Tess and Bessie instinctively knew that Uno needed a helping paw. But that's what new friends are there for!

The three of them clearly loved to hang out with each other and the team at BTV could see that they were meant to be together.

uno and marlena

Keeping The Gang Together...

When the time came for the kittens to be put up for adoption the folks at BTV hoped that the right adopter would come forward and keep the trio togther, forever.

However, this didn't happen and for a while no-one came forward to take in this newly formed family.

So, when a lady chose Uno and Tess, they let them go together, but they hoped that there might be a perfect ending because the lady did continue to stay in touch with Aimee.

They knew she had wanted to take all three but needed to prepare the ground at home!

"Bessie had always had her heart and she really wanted to bring her home too," she recalls. "After a couple of days convincing her husband, she reached out and asked if she could adopt Bessie too!"

uno and tess

So the Trio Fantastico were once again together - this time in their forever home.

And in their new loving home, they got brand new names: Uno is now Mazie, Tess became Millie, and Bessie - Minnie.

uno and bessie

Their new mom says that Millie is a proper mama's girl, Minnie likes to be held all the time, and Mazie is a true princess!

“Uno aka Mazie used to be the one following the others around and now she is a leader,” concludes Marlena, happy that their stories ended so well.

uno and new mom

All three of them went through a world of hurt in their early days.

But then they found each other and will remain lifelong friends in their new forever home!

Watch the video below:

Ask The Experts When You're Not Sure!

Marlena wanted to add to this happy ending by giving some great advice for people who might be tempted to take in what looks like an abandoned kitten.

Marlena's reflection on Uno's story:

"I hope Uno’s story can encourage anyone who comes across a similar situation: a mama and babies outside in the cold, please pause and reach out to someone who has experience with rescue, such as myself or any other rescue organization."

uno 3

"I GENUINELY appreciate when the people who live in our communities work to help reduce the cat overpopulation issue," she adds. "Please continue to keep an eye out for animals in need, but PLEASE also ask for help when you run into an unfamiliar situation."

A big thank you to Marlena and Aimee from Be Their Voice Animal Rescue (BTV) for sharing their story with us.

Find out more: Marlena on Instagram   Aimee on Instagram  and Be Their Voice Animal Rescue on Facebook and Website

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