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11 Must-Have Luxury Cat Products For Every Big-Hearted Cat Lover

Posted in: Cat Supplies - Last Updated: October 17, 2023 - Author: Dexter Jones
Posted in Cat Supplies 
Last Updated: October 13, 2023  
Author:  Dexter Jones

Every cat deserves a little luxury in every single one of their nine lives.

Don’t you agree?

luxury cat products

If you’re a big spender, then you’ll definitely find something in our list of the top 11 most fabulous luxury cat products you can buy for your pampered cat. But, why would you?

Well, luxury is next to quality and, as all cat lovers know, your kitty deserves the best. We’ve used our years of experience and our million-strong cat-loving community to unearth some of the best cat products that money can buy.

They aren’t just the most expensive cat supplies (although, sorry, in this article, we aren’t looking for bargains!), but they are products for your cat that are simply just that bit more special. More luxurious, or higher quality, or maybe even something with a bit of technological innovation.

All of them are things that will spoil your cat something rotten. They will be revelling in the luxury you've given them and you’ll be purring with pride as you prove that you're one of the best cat parents!

The Crème De La Crème Of Luxury Cat Accessories

For many years, we’ve curated and updated a list of the best cat products. None of those are in this luxury list!

And that’s for good reason.

The items we’ve picked here are for when you (or a rich relative!) want to push the boat out and spoil your feline friend.

We’re not making any apologies for how bonkers the cost of some of these luxury cat accessories are. But, it’s a rare thing to blow the budget and bag a treat - whether it’s for you or Mr Pickles.

That said, all of these superior and glamorous wares still pass the high bar that we, our testers and our community apply to everything we recommend. They are luxury but we wouldn’t recommend them unless they were also excellent.


Let’s get your credit card on flex!

Cat DNA Kit luxury Cat Product

1. Cat DNA Test Kit

First up, you might think this is a little bit of a curve ball because it’s not a physical object and it’s for both your cat and you.

But, bear with us, because knowing your cat’s breed, heritage and any medical issues could be the best gift you ever give them.

A cat DNA test will unlock the mystery of your beloved cat's genetics. It will satisfy your curiosity about your cat’s breed and ancestry, but it can also play a vital role in preemptive healthcare.

Cat DNA test Kit

When you know your cat's genetic makeup, you'll have a much better understanding of their nutritional needs, possible allergies, and breed-specific predispositions to certain illnesses.

Of course, this means that you can then tailor their lifestyle to be both luxurious and optimized for good health and longevity.

Being forewarned about possible ailments means you can take early action to protect their health and avoid hefty vet bills in the future. In turn, that means you'll have more cash to blow on luxuries for them in the long run!

In essence, a cat DNA test isn’t just a nice-to-know insight into your feline’s biological blueprint, it's a smart investment in a longer, happier, and healthier life for your fur-ever friend.

We love both the market-leading cat DNA tests from Basepaws and Wisdom Panel.

They both offer broadly the same DNA report for about the same price. Either is a good option and will give you the DNA information every pampered cat deserves.

diamond studded cat necklace on a pampered cat

2. Diamond-Studded Cat Collar

Now we know who your cat is (quite literally), let’s get them a little bit dressed up!

We’re not talking about clothes (ain’t no cat got a need for that!), but there’s one thing every glam cat can wear - a collar. And a diamond-studded collar at that

OK, so this isn’t studded with real diamonds (we’ve all got a sensible button at some point, after all), but it has all the sparkle your kitty could possibly need.

This safety collar has four rows of sparkling, diamond-clear Austrian crystals on a soft leather, coupled with a velvet lining.

luxury diamond studded cat collar

That makes this collar super comfortable for your feline friend. But, crucially, it's also safe. The clip-together breakaway safety buckle ensures that your cat can get the collar off if it was ever to get caught on something.

This collar is available in various set lengths so that it is made to fit your cat's neck size perfectly, meaning the crystals cover the whole neck up to the safety buckle.

This isn't just a collar, but is also a luxury statement of style and comfort (with all-important safety). One of our favorite designer cat collars for sparkly cat lovers!

luxury designer cat wall furniture

3. Cat Playground Wall Furniture

If you want to give your cat a perfect indoor playground and vantage point to watch the family below, then you can spoil them with a selection of cat wall furniture from Catastrophic Creations.

These guys pretty much invented the idea of fitting a load of different climbing and resting sections to the wall of your home to give your cats a vertical playground.

They offer a range of cat shelves, bridges, cat perches, cat hammocks, cat beds and even scratching posts.

You can mix and match from their whole range or buy a pre-designed bundle and customize the perfect vertical space for your cat.

All the parts are made from solid, sustainable bamboo, natural canvas and sisal and are held securely to the wall with an inset steel bracket which can hold 85 lbs per mounting point. It’s very safe and made to the highest quality.

catastrophic creations luxury cat wall

Their customers (and their cats) love the whole range and the new freedom it brings for their spoiled furballs. You can see that from their 3000 reviews with an average score of 4.95/5. Awww-mazing!

Prices aren’t cheap, and you can reckon on spending upwards of $500 for a decent amount of sections to build your custom cat wall furniture.

But, make no mistake this is luxury for your cat. This wall-mounted cat furniture helps replicate their instinct and natural urge to scratch, climb and play. They get their own private space while freeing up floor space in your home. 

And, the best thing, this range from Catastrophic Creations is so well made and designed that giving this luxury playground to your cat even looks stylish in your home.

Covo Luxury cat bed

4. Luxury Cat Bed

We’ve tested a lot of cat beds and there’s one that stands out as the most stylish luxury cat bed for the most pampered cats.

This MiaCara Covo Cat Lounge is simply the best when money is no object, and we made it our Premium pick when we did a group test of luxury cat beds.

MiaCara is a top-end luxury pet brand making very high-quality products for cats and dogs with excellent attention to detail.

This Covo cat bed is their most iconic design with an angled shape, which creates a space for your cat to snuggle against the rear curve, nestled down in the cushion.

Mia Cara luxury cat bed

The frame is luxurious bent plywood and the cushion is a soft foam with a lavishly comfortable sheepskin cover.

The Covo is 24 inches in diameter, so it’s plenty big enough whilst still keeping a snug feel for your glamorous cat!

If you're looking for a designer beautiful luxury cat bed that will look fabulous in your home and let your cat sleep in the lap of luxury, this is the one. It’s the king of cat beds!

5. Luxury Cat Stroller

Pampered cat?

Spoilt kitty?

Lazy bones?

To answer any of the above, or just to have a safe way to take your indoor cat on an outdoor trip in total safety and luxury, what you need is a luxury cat stroller.

hpz luxury cat stroller

Our premium pick and the undoubted pick of the bunch is the HPZ 3-in-1 Luxury cat stroller.

In fact, it's so good that our YouTube reviewer, Holly, bought her own!

What she loved is that this is a very well-made luxury product that her cat loves using. It’s a multi-function cat stroller with detachable carrier, which means you have that carrier to use for that purpose, but it also functions as safe and secure cat seat.

So, wherever you’re going with your cat, they get to travel in style, comfort and safety.

luxury outdoor catio

6. Custom Catio

There is another way for you to get your indoor cat experiencing the outside in complete safety - a catio!

And this is most definitely a luxury cat product. It’s a luxury for an indoor cat to be able to go outdoors in the first place and when you see the cost of a good catio from a reputable maker then you’ll definitely think it’s one!

The company that we've heard the most good feedback about is Habitat Haven. Whilst we admit we haven't yet bought one of their custom catios, a good number of our community have, and they all speak very highly of the build quality, the design service and the finished product. Not to mention how much their cats appreciate it. It's also recommended by vets.

habitat haven custom outdoor catio

The thing is the luxury that this buys your cat is a passport to a world of safe outdoor enjoyment. And Habitat Haven have been doing this for 20 years and have specialized on making larger cat enclosures with a real focus on the safety of your cat.

These catios are made of black powder-coated steel mesh and long life treated cedar planks so they are built to last. You can choose from pre-designed sets or can work with a designer to build something unique including amazing access tunnels that can run down the vertical sides of your home.

This is definitely a gift from you to your cat. A Habitat Haven catio is a sanctuary where luxury meets safety.

luxury cat tree

7. Luxury Cat Tree

Now, there’s cat trees and then there’s cat trees, and then…there’s luxury cat trees.

We’ve seen a few and this one is the one we’d pick for you design-conscious, glamorous luxury folks. The thing with this cat tree from Mau Lifestyle is that it’s got a clean modern form. Some of the people we know who have bought it claim that it’s a piece of art.

Maybe, but what we do know is that it’s a very well-made, high-quality four-perch luxury cat tree that stands 73 inches tall yet remains completely stable. It has a single stem completely covered in scratching rope and four hand-made wicker baskets. In each is a washable faux fur cushion and the tree is available in a crisp white or a cool grey.

maupet luxury cat tree

If you have four (or more) cats this will alow them to while way their days in luxury whilst keeping a watchful eye on the mortals below them. More than one cat can fit in each basket, but even if you only have one furball in your family they will appreciate the height and the number of options for taking a sleeping spot up high.

This cat tree is relatively unique in having a clean design with no unnecessary nooks and has a crisp white and light wood tone aesthetic. It’s a classy piece of furniture and a great luxury spot for your cat or cats.

 sleepypod luxury pet carrier

8. Luxury Cat Carrier

You might think that a cat backpack or a standard cat carrier is the best way to transport your cat in luxury.

But, you’d be wrong…

If your cat is into it, you should definitely try the cat stroller above. But, if you need the most luxury cat carrier then the Sleepypod is what you want for your cat.

The Sleepypod has been called the “Cadillac of cat carriers” by Kate Benjamin, founder of the chic cat-gear site Hauspanther.

sleepypod luxury cat carrier

Naturally, it is the epitome of supreme comfort and style. But there's more to it. This carrier does triple duty, working not only as a carrier, but also as a luxurious and snug cat bed and a safety-tested and rated car seat.

The crash test rating is to the same level as international standards for child safety seats so your cat is properly protected. That means kitty gets the luxury treatment wherever they go, and they are safe.

One of the things we love about this carrier is that it's such a great cat bed that your cat will want to use it as a bed or hideaway at home, and that means they will come to see it as a safe, comfortable space. In turn, this makes it way easier to get them in it when you do need to transport them.

It is available in two sizes to cater to different weights, and there is also a TSA-compliant variant for in-cabin air travel. This pet carrier is more than simply a carrier. It's a home away from home for your cat, offering the best in luxury, safety and comfort.

pet safe 
Microchip Cat Flap

9. Smart Microchip Cat Door

The freedom to roam is a luxury that your cat will relish.

Now, maybe you have an indoor cat so you’re not going to use a cat door to let them outside, but, even so, a cat door might be useful to let them in and out of a specific room. Or, perhaps, so they can get out to their luxury catio we looked at above.

Most cat owners will want to use a smart cat door so that your cat can go in and out when they choose.

And this is where technological innovation is the element that creates luxury. Both for your cat in that renewed self determination (they get to choose) but also for you because you know that only your cat can use the cat door and they are safe from unwanted intruders.

pet safe micro chip cat flap indoor

There’s several companies making microchip activated smart cat doors but we’ve settled on this one from Pet Safe.

It has a 4-Way locking system so that only your microchipped kitty can pass through the flap.

It can be installed in pretty much any type of door and even double glazed glass and the weather stripping keeps the wind and rain outdoors at bay.

It reads the microchip your cat already has (you do have your cat chipped, right?) and it's simple to set the chip to the cat door.

It's as aesthetically pleasing as these things can be and you know that your cat will appreciate the luxury of coming and going as they please through this smart cat door.

Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure

10. High-Quality Cat Furniture

There is a whole world of aww-mazing luxury and designer high-quality cat furniture, with pieces such as the cat playground above, cat beds, cat trees and perches, but there’s one piece of furniture that we’ll highlight.

And that’s a luxury cat litter enclosure, the most stylish of which come from our favorite high-end luxury cat product maker, Tuft and Paw.

Their Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure is a smart designer piece that hides away your cat’s litter box so that no-one will know it’s even there. Of course, Mr Pickles also gets a nice private hideaway in which to do his business.

This piece of cat furniture is fit for a king, yet designed for your cat.

Made from solid pine throughout with a UV coating to prevent sun damage, it has a slatted horizontal design and tapered legs. There's a definite mid-century and classic retro radio feel to the design.

Luxury Litter Box Enclosure

Inside there's a roomy compartment for a litter box which is surrounded by holes for airflow.

Your cat will feel safe and happy when elevated off the ground, and luxury design lovers can proudly display this deluxe piece of furniture

This, though, is just one piece and one type of the luxury cat furniture that you can find from Tuft and Paw and a host of other upmarket luxury cat brands.

mishum felt play balls

11. Our Luxury Bonus! - Felt Cat Play Balls

I know most people do a Top 10, but we thought it only right to add one more so that we could point out that luxury doesn’t have to be expensive all the time.

Every cat we’ve ever known will chase random scraps of paper, scrunched balls of sticking tape or ping-pong balls around like a lunatic.

So, to up the aesthetic of the balls you get your cat to play with, why not pick up the least pricey thing on this list and one of our favorite cat toys - a set of felted wool cat play balls?

We love the set from designer cat brand Mishum, where you get 3 balls, of 4cm diameter, with a cream stripe in a choice of neutral or colorful shades, all in a lovely grey cotton bag.

Meowfia Cat Balls

Equally the set of 6 balls from Meowfia, our favorite wool cat cave brand, come in two sizes, at 1.5 inches or 2 inches in diameter, in a set of six solid colors.

Both are made of felted wool and will give your cat endless hours of luxury fun.

Wrap it Up with a Bow

Now, that’s a dazzling list of some of the best (and undeniably expensive) luxury cat products you can buy for your cat.

Most of them are pure luxury for your cat, but a few bring a little luxury to you and your home as well, and a couple offer the luxury of freedom or peace and quiet.

It all depends on what luxury means to you and your cat.

Of course, it would be careless if we didn’t suggest that you make the whole experience of receiving any of these as a gift extra special for your cat. 

Wrap it up, slap a bow on top and then watch as your cat ignores your loving offering, rips through the paper, shuns the gift and settles down for a nap in the box it came in…

About the author

Dexter Jones has been a solid member of the ‘Mad Cat Dad’ club since time began! Dexter has been a keen cat writer for many years and lives in Croatia. He lives with his two tabby cats, Milly & Marly, who also flew in from the UK to start their new Adriatic island life together.