135-Pound Mastiff Becomes Obsessed With A Tiny Kitten

Lindsay was out for a walk in the park one day when she spotted a tiny black and white kitten sitting under a tree. As soon as she began to approach the tree, the little kitten came scampering up to her.

That was it, there was no way she would leave the kitten behind so Lindsay scooped her up and took her home.

Meet Wendy!


Lindsay had fostered many animals before but it didn’t take long for Wendy to win the hearts of the whole family.

Another member of this family was George the Mastiff, he weighed around 135-pounds and was very big compared to tiny Wendy. They decided to see what the two animals made of each other so they put Wendy down beside George and she instantly went in between his front paws, looking for a snuggle.


After that Lindsay realised that there was no way they could handover Wendy to anybody else.

And it didn’t take long for the two of them to bond, Wendy would climb all over George’s back looking for adventure or sometimes just to sit there.


Despite his size, George is a very gentle dog and would allow Wendy to nestle into him, even though she was only the size of one of his paws.


Her large personality won over the heart of gentle George and they became best buddies, spending most of their time hanging out with each other.

Watch the video:

You could tell that George is a big softy by the way he got on with all the other animals that came into their lives. So it was very sad to hear that another member of their family, a pig named Debbie, had passed away.

George and Debbie had been very close and they used to play together all the time. After she was gone, George really felt her absence.

Then along came Wendy just at the right time and filled the space in George’s heart. You can see that the two really dote on each other and it proves that love knows no bounds, no matter what size or species you are.


You can see more of Wendy, George, and the rest of this happy family on Instagram

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