A Baby Kitten Got Stuck in a Wall and His Mother Had to Abandon Him

Hope for Paws rescue abandoned and homeless animals off the streets of Los Angeles and assist with complex animal rescues around the country.

One day they got a call about a kitten that was in serious trouble. A family discovered that a feral mother cat had given birth to her litter in the attic of their house that was undergoing renovations. It’s believed that when she heard all the noise of the construction downstairs that she decided to move her babies to a safer place.

But while she was doing this this, one of her kittens fall between two walls and was stuck there. Sadly, the mother cat had to leave the little one behind as there was no way of reaching him and she moved her family to an unknown location.

When Hope for Paws saw the situation, they realised that the only solution was to break the wall so that they could reach the scared kitten.

Watch the video:

That was another fabulous rescue by these wonderfully dedicated people. Wallter is now in good hands with his foster family and will soon be put up for adoption.

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