A Pregnant Cat Invaded a Guy’s House and Turns His Life Upside Down

One day a cat decided to turn up on a man’s porch and when he opened the door she walked straight in.

It looked as though she was there to stay, she showed zero interest in leaving.


It looked as if this man was now a first time cat owner so he named her Sandwich and took her to the vets for a check up.

Once at the vets the man got a big surprise! Sandwich was pregnant!


She had chosen his house as the perfect place to have her babies.

Soon Sandwich gave birth to six kittens, there was four grey babies and two that were Siamese mix.


It’s possible that the Father of these kittens was a Siamese mix that had been seen in the area recently.

This kind man went from being a bachelor to a cat daddy in a very short space of time!


He managed to find good homes for all the kittens, but Sandwich stayed behind in what was now her forever home.

Watch the video:


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