Cat’s Unique Look Makes Her One In A Trillion

Cat’s Unique Look Makes Her One In A Trillion
Meet Lil Bub! This delightful kitty is one in a trillion and when her human dad first saw her at the shelter he knew she was the one for him. She was the runt of her litter and was born with several genetic mutations and has an extreme form of feline dwarfism that causes her limbs to be quite small in comparison to the rest of her body. Her tongue always hangs out because of her short lower jaw and toothlessness, but this doesn’t stop her having a healthy appetite. Lil Bub also suffers from a rare bone disorder, osteopetrosis, and she is the only cat in recorded history to have been diagnosed with it as a kitten.

Her unique looks were an instant hit on the internet and she has millions of followers on all the social platforms. This has allowed her and her dad to raise over $500,000 for homeless animals and is showing the world that different is beautiful.
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