Kitten Surprises Her New Family When She Chooses Their Cat To Be Her Dad

When a family found a lovely little kitten in the neighborhood, they knew leaving the defenceless kitty alone was out of the question. There was no way she would survive on her own so they took her home, adopted her into their family and named her Rosaline. However, they weren’t sure whether Roseline would get on with their family cat, Frank. So the family gently introduced her to Frank and they couldn’t believe what happened next.

Rosaline immediately ran over to Frank and started nursing. Of course Frank was very confused as to why this little kitten was trying to nurse him. But after a few days, he kind of got used to having a little snuggle bug around. That was when Frank decided to take on the role and officially became Rosaline’s cat dad. He loves her very much and takes fatherhood very seriously. Now they love to cuddle up together after a hard days work of being a cat. Rosalyn’s life has changed drastically, from living a life on the street and then being rescued, she now has her very own cat dad and lives with a loving family. Life couldn’t be better.

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