Sad Looking Cat Is So Happy To Be Part Of A Family


Mami didn’t have a good start in life. She was found in a dumpster and when Sinead was sent a picture of her she looked at her cute little face and decided to take her in. But on her first day at the house she looked so miserable, the moment she was released from the cat carrier she ran and hid under the furniture. Mami didn’t realize she was now part of a loving family.

Sinead and her partner were obviously worried and started to wonder if they had make a mistake in taking her in, she seemed so miserable and was constantly hissing at them. Then Sinead had an idea that she thought might bring Mami out of herself and be more trusting – they gave her a brother, Morty! She was hesitant at first but then she started following the crazy little kitten around and soon their friendship blossomed. Morty was exactly what she needed and through him she learned how to be a cat. She may still have a sad looking face but now she is a very happy kitty and because of Morty knows all the joys of being part of a family.

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