Stray Kitten Loses Her Mother in a Road Accident

As animal lovers, we would all like to help out the stray cats we come across on the streets, even the ones that are weary of human company and run for cover when approached.

This video was made by Robin Seplut, a kind man who spends a lot of his time helping out stray kitties. Even when he comes across cats that are not used human company, he does his best to feed them and care for them.
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While out and about he comes across a stray kitten all alone, he soon discovers that her mother has been killed in a road accident.


Being the kind man that he is, he takes her to a safe spot away from the road and gives her some food. She is obviously very hungry and gratefully wolfs it down.

It’s lovely to see how relaxed she is after eating and accepts cuddles and love while sitting on a park bench.


He realises that leaving the kitten here would be a mistake, she is too young to fend for herself now that her mother is gone. Also, he knows that are stray dogs around, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

The only solution is to take her with him to a rented apartment where he looks after other cats.


Once there, he introduces the little orphan to the other kitties. At first they are curious but kind, considering that these kitties were once strays, they accept the little tabby immediately.


She is a bit shy because obviously all this is new to her and I don’t think she is sure to react to her new surroundings.

Watch the video here:

The stray and community cats in the town where Robin lives are lucky to have such a kind and caring man looking after them, you can see that he really does care.

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