Stray Kitten Walks Up To A Man Asking For Help And Won’t Let Go

When Jason Belisha’s rental car broke down earlier this month it was very inconvenient, but then along came a little gray cat named Popeye who couldn’t be more grateful for the engine trouble.

Jason heard a couple of meows in the parking lot where his car had broken down and it didn’t tale him long before he found the poor, malnourished kitty. In fact, Popeye was more than happy to come closer and get into Jason’s arms.

It was obvious to Jason that this cat was in need of attention and some tender loving care. Jason thought the best plan of action was to take Popeye to the local shelter to check if the little one belonged to anyone, but they couldn’t find an owner and the shelter said they weren’t able to help.

After picking up the car from the repair shop and a visit to the pet store, Jason returned home with the kitten!

Immediately Popeye started using the litter tray and made friends with the dog that lived there, a Corgi named Goose, he even insisted on sleeping in the same bed with his new foster dad and dog brother.

But Jason knew that no matter how much he loved little Popeye, the arrangement couldn’t last forever.

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