Young Cat Mom is Rescued From Parking Lot with Five Newborn Babies

Posted in Cat Videos - On: April 11, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Videos 
Last Updated: April 11, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Devin, a caring lady from Los Angeles, runs the nonprofit organization Here Have a Kitten. 

She is an advocate of the trap, neuter and return program (TNR) and spends a lot of time fostering kittens and getting them ready for adoption.

One day she got a call about a pregnant feral cat that was living in a parking lot.

feral cat mom

"I was contacted about a pregnant feral cat living in a parking lot downtown”, she explained to We Love Cats and Kittens.

“I had been planning to drive out there Sunday, but got a call Saturday that a resident has seen her that morning and she was “looked skinny now” so I knew she must’ve given birth.” 

feral cat mom

She knew that this had now become urgent so she grabbed her trap and some KFC!

That was a new one on me but Devin assured us it that KFC was the best food for trapping cats, they just can’t resist!

newborn kitten 1

Sure enough it worked and she easily trapped the mom.

Now it was time to get her kittens so she reached behind the fence and scooped up the brand-new litter of kittens.

newborn family

"Once I got mom home and she had time to decompress with her babies she warmed up to me, so I don’t think she was actually feral,” Devin told We Love Cats and Kittens. 

mom with baby

“She must’ve been a pet who was dumped by her owners. She’s still a little skittish from the trauma, but she’s such a sweetheart and an amazing mom.”

They soon settled in to their temporary home and the kittens grew stronger and fluffier every day.

“Some of the kittens are real cuddle bugs,” said Devin.


Soon this delightful family were given names - the cat mom was now Adira...

cat mom 2

 And girls she named Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. 


And this little furball is Matthew...

devin 1

Devin works tirelessly fostering kittens, she told us:

“I run Here Have a Kitten in addition to my actual job that pays the bills. I’m actually a lawyer here in Los Angeles so it can be pretty tough trying to juggle a super demanding job and a nonprofit organization."

"I typically have about 10 kittens at a time. So basically I’m just always tired lol.”

kitten napping

It didn't take long for this delightful family to get adopted. 

Blanche and Rose were adopted together, as was Dorothy and Sophia. It must've made their transition to the new forever home a lot easier being adopted together.

feral cat mom

And here's Matthew settling into his new forever home.

feral cat mom

And then it was Adira's turn – here she is trying out new mom's slippers.

adira in slippers

It's so heartwarming to see this cat family find their forever homes, all thanks to Devin and her dedication to caring for and rehoming kittens.

devin with kitten

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