Your Cats – June 2017

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

This is Dora and was sent in by Paula Sorsby‎:


My handsome boy Zeus waiting patiently to be stroked…sent in by Darren Hill:

Darren Hill

This is Jackson. I think he is pondering life! Sent in by Aaron Russell Mackenzie Nagy‎:

Aaron Russell Mackenzie Nagy‎
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Our new baby “Mini” Sent in by Jenifer Kryzanski‎:

Jenifer Kryzanski‎

I’m sleeping now so I can keep my new owners up all night by jumping up and down from the bed! Sent in by Andre Quinones:

Andre Quinones

This delightful pic was sent in by Dan Chorny Jr.‎:

Dan Chorny Jr.‎

This little cutie was sent in by Paul Tyler Scanish‎:

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This is Barnaby, my new kitten. Sent in by Kimi Gascon:

Kimi Gascon

This delightful pic was sent in by Stephanie Fontana-Howe‎:

Stephanie Fontana-Howe‎

Marilou Chaput‎ sent in this lovely pic of her kitty in a field…

Marilou Chaput‎

And this lovely picture of one of her cats on the bed:

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This is Lady and was sent in by Patrick Stocks:

Patrick Stocks

Too hot for Milo! Sent in by Leeroy Brown:

Leeroy Brown

Here’s Peanuts, also trying to cope with the heat! Sent in by Craig Thomas:


Paul Tyler Scanish sent in this lovely pic of his two kitties having a cuddle:

Paul Tyler Scanish

Our kitten after a long labour born breach on our bed at 3.30am Tuesday morning. So 37 hours old when we took this photo. sent in by Veronica Collis:

Veronica Collis

Our sweet little barn cats, sent in by Carol Andrews:

Carol Andrews

Rawr! I’m gonna eat you! Sent in by Ashley Glenn-Holley:

Ashley Glenn-Holley

What a life. My baby Figuro, sent in by Tina Wright:

Tina Wright

My little girl of 6months called Gaya. Sent in by Kqua Thya:

Kqua Thya

Thoughts…sent in by Danis Stamatiadis‎:

Danis Stamatiadis‎

Four brand new babies, sent in by Debi Dupont:

Debi Dupont
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My baby Trixie, sent in by Sierra Roberts:

Sierra Roberts

My beautiful Maine Coon Ollie, sent in by Lesley Brown:

Lesley Brown

This little cutie was sent in by Odile Mylien Ackermann:

Odile Mylien Ackermann

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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