Your Cats – May 2016

Here’s a round up of some of the recent great cat pictures submitted to us by you on our Facebook page.

My boys get along so well! Sent in by Vikki Erminelli‎:

Vikki Erminelli‎

My beautiful angels. Sent in by Dima Saoudi‎:


This is Ruby and was sent in by Alexandra Hammett‎:

Alexandra Hammett‎

This is my long haired Siamese Harley. Sent in by Donna Peters:‎

Donna Peters‎

This awesome pic was sent in by Cristina Tudorică‎:

Cristina Tudorică‎

I always wonder what my fur baby’s do all day while I’m at work. I now know. This is my Butter Bean. He’s my love. Sent in by Cindy Triggs Pacheco:‎

Cindy Triggs Pacheco‎

This lovely pic was sent in by Jamie M Frey‎:

Jamie M Frey‎

Sleepy kitties waking up. Sent in by Toni Vollmers:

Toni Vollmers‎

Pizza time! Sent in by Celia Rico Miguel‎:

Celia Rico Miguel‎

This beautiful kitty was sent in by Michael Mogford‎:

Michael Mogford‎

Our new babies, Meriadoc and Little Bear! Sent in by Julie Harrison Evans‎:

Julie Harrison Evans‎

Birthday Kitty!! This lovely lady turned 11 on May 28th and was sent in by Lyndsie Erickson‎:

Lyndsie Erickson‎

This is Max and he LOVES the camera! Sent in by Linda Crabtree‎:

Linda Crabtree‎

Our Duchess enjoying the sun. Sent in by Keeley Moore‎:

Keeley Moore‎

Our new boy Seamus. He came to us from the SPCA. Sweetest face and temperament. Sent in by Kim Camirand‎:

Kim Camirand‎

Mr. Fluffy…. Loves getting his picture taken….Sent in by Abbegail Lynn Cox:

Abbegail Lynn Cox‎

This hilarious pic was sent in by Kevin Shkolnik‎:

Kevin Shkolnik‎

Sorry birds, no room in here! Sent in by Debbie Lynn‎:

Debbie Lynn‎

My boyfriend and our new family kitten Cali Rose. Sent in by Leslie Guerrero‎:

Leslie Guerrero‎

Brucie & Oreo. Sent in by Shelly Khan:

Shelly Khan‎

Our handsome little kitty Hunter. Sent in by Paul Lee Wright:‎

Paul Lee Wright‎

And if you would like to submit your pictures, here’s how to do it.

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