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“Puss In Boots” Audition

We officially announce that the casting for Puss In Boots live-action sequel is over. After reviewing Chika’s tape it is clear that she’s perfect for the role and production is about to begin shortly.
Only kidding !!

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Rescue Cat Helps Sick Lamb Get Better

This is so sweet! Doris is a rescue cat and she is obsessed with her new best friend – a baby lamb!
Charlie the lamb was rescued from a farm and arrived at Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary when he was only a few days old. Since then, the pair do everything together, which includes munching down on some hay.

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A Den Of Purring Kittens

You are now about to enter a den of purring kittens!…Please proceed with caution…Danger lies ahead!
Only kidding! What you will see is not at all dangerous but completely delightful. Just listen to all these foster kitten’s purring engines, I think I just died and went to kitty heaven !

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