Newborn Kitten Who Was Frozen Solid Grows Up To Be Strong And Feisty

When a woman was walking her dog she found a litter of 1-day-old kittens in the shrubs. They were frozen solid, just clinging on to life.

The woman phoned a rescue shelter and they contacted a foster mom who came immediately, she was determined to save their lives.


They used the heater vents in the car to warm them up but as they were only 1 day old it was unsure whether they would survive.

Nikki, the foster mom, took them home, but one of the babies, Bagel, needed more help than the other two.


She wasn’t taking her food and was losing weight rapidly. It was touch and go as to whether she would survive. So Nikki began tube feeding Bagel night and day.

After two days this teeny tiny kitten started using the bottle and quickly began feeding herself, which was a big milestone in Nikki’s book.


All three of the kittens were now doing well and growing fast.

One by one, Nikki began to see their individual personalities began to shine through.


It was such a relief to Nikki that she started celebrating every milestone.

When their eyes opened, when they gained weight, even when they started grooming themselves.


She was so happy that they were able to achieve all these things considering their difficult start in life.

Watch the video to see how far they have come in such a short space of time thanks to the dedication of Nikki:

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