Woman Travels 500 Miles To Save A Cat She Saw On Facebook

Posted in Cat Videos - Last Updated: August 28, 2023 - Author:  Jan Travell
Posted in Cat Videos 
Last Updated: August 28, 2023  
Author:  Jan Travell

Frog the cat didn't have a good start in life and his story is as devastating and as sad as can be.

He was found wandering around an urban area in southern Greece, dragging his hind leg, with a broken spine and he was severely malnourished.

Who knows how long it would take him to simply give up on life.

frog 6

After seeing a video of him on Facebook, he was rescued by a SCARS volunteer and was taken to Athens, people had kindly donated enough money to cover the cost of traveling.

When he arrived, his rescuers could see just how badly Frog needed help.

"He was smelly and thin," they said. "Whenever he smelled food he started crying."

frog 5

Frog was taken to the vets where an orthopaedic doctor took X-rays and discovered that he had many injuries.

"His pelvis was broken and was stuck, not in the right way, and his back leg has no feeling from knee down."

frog 7

Apart from the brutal injuries, would were probably due to being hit by a car, the x-rays showed something even worse. 

At some point in his life, Frog had been shot – the embedded bullets in his body don’t lie.

frog 4

His injuries were extensive but with the help of these caring people, this little prince had the chance of another life.

frog 3

After a course of antibiotics and vitamins Frog was making great progress. And now with a constant supply of food he was eating well and gaining strength. 

"He was eating like he has never seen food before," they said.

frog 8

When he was well enough he had surgery to amputate his leg.

The surgery was a success, it was time for the healing to begin, physically and emotionally.

He was soon gaining weight and learning what life was like on just three legs.

frog 9

Frog remained in foster care for a couple of months until it was time to go to his new forever home.

When he was well enough to travel he was taken all the way to Venice from Athens to start his new life.  

He was adopted by a German lady that was living there. She had waited months to welcome Frog into her life

frog 1

He now has a loving home with a beautiful garden to explore - he has come a long way since his rescue.

frog 2

The Frog has finally become a prince and we think he deserves nothing less.

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