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Sunny Spot – Simon’s Cat

In this episode Cat is in his favorite spot on the window sill soaking up the sunshine when he is rudely interrupted by his arch nemesis Jazz! He really doesn’t like having this kitty on the other side of the glass so he begins to protest and they start a little bit of fisticuffs through the window.

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Staircase – Simon’s Cat

In this hilarious episode of Simon’s Cat ‘A mischievous cat likes to play a dangerous game with his owner on a staircase’ – he’s only doing it because he wants to be the center of attention and of course because he loves to make us laugh.

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Winter Games – Simon’s Cat

In this episode, Simon’s Cat is out in the garden having fun in the snow when he spots a mouse-like creature. Being in a boisterous mood he begins a game of ‘cat and mouse’ but cannot seem to keep up with the cheeky rodent. Fun and games ensue with a surprising discovery at the end.

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Armchair Fan – Simon’s Cat

Do you have a kitty that likes to steal your seat when you get up? I do! In this hilarious episode of Simon’s Cat, that is exactly what happens. Simon is watching the football and his cat acts as if he wants his human’s attention, but really it’s all a ploy because he’s after the seat!

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